March for Science Norway is an information hub and network to facilitate individual city marches. We are communicating with the global organizing team and our goal is to connect interested parties and provide resources for organizers and teams to get as many marches organized as possible. We are doing all we can to avoid each city having to start from scratch.

We will be marching on April 22, 2017!

All donations go in support of the marches so that organizers do not have to bear all the costs. Any additional support we collect will be donated to Concerned Scientists Norway (CSN). We are in the process of registering as an organization (forening) with the Brønnøysund register, and our organization number will be available shortly.

Science is a universal language, the mother tongue of our past, present, and future. It is our search for our ancient origins, our understanding of the present moment, and our hope for the future. Humans are born scientists, observing and questioning, looking for answers. We gaze into the heavens by the light of vanished stars and envision our place among them. We seek the truth.

Across the world, truth is under siege by forces of greed, ignorance, and fear. We, those who support science in Norway, stand in solidarity with those in the United States and around the world to proclaim that the truth will not be silenced. Human activity has altered our climate; polluted our air, soil, and water; and threatened our species' existence as well as others'. If we are to reverse this damage, our leaders must hear, not suppress, the voices of those who have made the pursuit of truth their life's work.

We march to remind our leaders that it is only by seeking and speaking truth that they can claim to serve the people. We march to remind them that the truth will not be silenced. And we march to remind people everywhere of the scientist in each of us—the child who gazes at the stars, seeking not to box them in her own mind but to expand her mind to understand the universe around her, and to fearlessly seek the truth.

Brenna Layne | Science Advocate

Lead a local march!

Several marches in different cities are starting to organize. If you are interested in organizing a March for Science in your city/town, please get in touch, and we will provide you with information, resources, and bring you into our network.

City Marches: Updates

Oslo March for Science Oslo is the most organized march so far. Click for more information if you want to get involved.
Trondheim March for Science Trondheim is starting to organize; we will have more information available soon!
Bergen We are actively looking for a lead team in Bergen! If you are interested, please get in touch!
Bodø There has been some interest in a March for Science Bodø. If you are interested in getting involved, we will connect you with other interested parties in the area to see if we can get a lead team going. Let us know!
Tromsø March for Science Tromsø is starting to organize; we will have more information available soon!

Want to help?

Anyone interested in helping organize, please get in touch. The purpose of this site is to help people all over Norway interested in either organizing or marching. We have created an event on the ACS community page, which is organizing an overview of the satellite marches.