2 Specific Themes Of The Escape Room That Everyone Should Know

2 Specific Themes Of The Escape Room That Everyone Should Know

One of the best games of western Australia is the escape room. It is a challenging game as the escape rooms are designed so that the players have to challenge the other players depending upon their abilities and skills. One will get an attractive and interactive escape room near me.

The game has 2 super exciting themes. You can book a room as per your need. Before playing the game, you have to select the specific room you want to play with your friends. The themes are as follows:-

  1. The frozen king

Just imagine a game where you are the king of ice and fire. How super excited the game is? The winter arrived, now the dragon destroys everything that comes in its path. Even the wall fell, and things start to move from here to there. Soon, it reached the first kingdom of people. The only option that remains in the hand of humankind is war. The war is not for the crown or the king’s throne. But the battle is for survival, to save the life of humanity and the mankind. 

The game takes climax when there remain only two situations. One is that either mankind can see the next sunrise after the night or will the night and the winter swallow them forever. The game’s duration is of an hour. the number of players that can play the following games remains between 2 to 8. It should not be lower than 2 and greater than 8. The level of the theme is difficult, and it is quite difficult to find escape room near me.

  1. The Jungle

The entire theme will take you into the world of adventure and mystery. You have not seen such type of graphics in any other game. The features of the game are so refreshing. The theme starts in a way that you and your friends have heard the sound of drums, and you decided to land on an abandoned garret. As you will walk into the game, your friends are left behind you. At upstairs, you found yourself in the game. 

Soon, you heard something strange. When you turn, you get shocked that different sounds of animals come from distinct sides. The animals seem to be coming near you. They are wild, and it appears that they have not eaten for some days. Now the mystery comes, and you have to decide what to do next. Not only the result of the game matters, but your destiny also depends on it.You have to choose either this way or that way. The duration of the entire theme is of 60 minutes. The number of players who can participate from 2 to 6 players.

Play now

Just go to the website and book your slot in the theme in which you and your friends want to play. Best time to take a thrilling experience with your friends in the escape room near me. 

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