Alabama uncontested divorce: Get an attorney!

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It is well known that divorces can be complicated and expensive. Alabama, like many other states, allows for no-fault divorce. There is no law that requires you to hire an attorney. You can check the website of Alabama Administrative Office of Courts, download the forms, and initiate the proceedings. That said, legal representation in a no-fault divorce is imperative. Working with one of Alabama uncontested divorce lawyers can help your case in a big way. Here’s more on hiring an attorney. 

Benefits of legal representation

  1. If you are initiating a no-fault divorce, you must consider all your rights and interests. In an uncontested divorce, basic concerns, or points of conflicts, remain the same. Couples usually argue over things like child custody, alimony, assets & debts, and child support. An uncontested divorce attorney can help in protecting your interests and will guide on your legal rights. For instance, assets and debts are divided equitably between spouses in Alabama, and that doesn’t always mean equal. 
  2. Another big advantage of hiring an attorney is reduced stress of paperwork. Even in an uncontested divorce in Alabama, there is considerable amount of paperwork involved, and it can be overwhelming to handle all that. Your attorney can take care of the drafts and agreements, before you sign anything. 
  3. Negotiating with your spouse may not be the easiest thing, especially when you have conflicts listed above. An attorney can take things ahead and work with your spouse and their lawyer directly. If you are not on talking terms with your spouse, or your spouse has hired a lawyer, you definitely need legal representation. 

How much do lawyers charge in Alabama?

When it comes to uncontested divorces, the process is simpler and shorter, provided the spouses agree on important matters. As such, you don’t need to pay huge for legal representation. Many law firms offer a flat fee option for uncontested divorces, and you don’t pay the lawyer an hourly fee, as in case of complicated divorces. However, do ask the attorney in depth as what is included in the fee, and other costs that must be incurred to finalize the divorce.

In summary

Don’t delay in calling an attorney for your uncontested divorce in Alabama. Your life depends on the divorce in many ways, especially your financial circumstances. Let an attorney negotiate with your spouse and handle the whole process with their experience and expertise. To know a lawyer better, you can always ask for references. 

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