Avoid these 3 mistakes if you do not want Google to penalize you

Avoid these 3 mistakes if you do not want Google to penalize you

SEO is very important if you want to grow your blog or create brand awareness for your business. It will help you generate a lot of good leads. Even ecommerce store owners can be benefitted if they use the seo correctly. But do you know that if you use black hat techniques too much, Google can penalize you as well. Here are 3 things for which you can be penalized by the Google.

These 3 mistakes can get you penalized

Most of these techniques used to work in the past but if you try them today, you are going to get penalized:

  1. Use PBN – Private Blogging Network or PBN is considered a black hat technique by Google and you could lose your ranking instantly if Google finds out about it. It is a practice mainly done by agencies to create backlinks from a lot of blogs that are associated with themselves.
  2. Creating irrelevant content – Many people do not realize it but your content plays a key role in increasing your search engine rankings. Google’s algorithm RankBrain calculates the average time spends by searchers on your page and if it is too less, you will be penalized and your ranking will fall down. If you want people to stay longer on your page you must create good content.
  • Spamming backlinks – If you spam too much backlinks from a few blogs, you will get penalized for it as well. Google will consider the first backlink from a blog as a vote for your site and does not care about others much.

What to do instead to avoid getting penalized

The best thing you can do is to take an agency’s help to increase your ranking by using white hat techniques. You can also learn SEO by yourself. There are lots of resources and free and paid courses where you can enroll into.

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