Different types of bonuses offered by an online casino

Different types of bonuses offered by an online casino

You could find tons of online casinos out there offering various games. เกมส์สล็อต are becoming more popular in these casinos due to their ease of gameplay. However, these popular games and the attractive offers of these online casinos are acting as the pillars for the online gambling industry. In particular, the various bonuses offered by the online casinos are helping both the players and the casinos in some ways. The casinos will get new customers through the promotional campaigns showcasing these bonuses. The players will get motivated when they get a reward from the casino at times. So, the concept is evolving with time. In this article, let us discuss some of the bonuses offered by online casinos in brief. 

Joining bonus

The first bonus that one player could get from an online casino would be the joining bonus given when the player makes his first deposit with the casino. Depending on the size of your deposit and the casino’s rules, your welcome bonus would differ. Some casinos will offer you a 50% joining bonus. In this case, your bonus would sum up to half of your deposit amount. Likewise, the size may vary. 

Cashback bonus

In some casinos, there will be a cash-back bonus offer that will help them to hold on to the players who are losing forever. For instance, if a person is losing too many games in a row, he will get dejected and will think of leaving the casino. To get hold of him, the casino may provide a cashback of a small percentage of his wagered money. For instance, let us assume that a person loses $100. So, he might get a cashback of $10 to get motivated to play again in that casino. The size of the cashback may vary depending on the casino and situation. 

Free spins 

As the name suggests, you could get a free spin on any of the slot machine games. Let us assume that you are interested in slots and have wagered a lot in the past few times. Once your wagers cross a predefined limit, the casino may offer you a free spin to try your luck. If you are lucky enough, you can win something big in that spin. All you win in that spin will be yours although you need not pay anything or place any bets. Casinos use these free spin offerings as promotional tools. 

Regular bonuses

You can enjoy some rewards occasionally in the casinos. Let us assume that you are playing for a long time in a casino. If you have crossed a predefined size of wagers, you will get weekly or monthly bonuses. These are additional offerings from the casinos used to retain customers and get more customers. Also, you will find some bonuses during a holiday period. Birthdays will get you additional rewards. However, you should not think that you can get this type of bonus in all casinos. It depends on each casino’s promotional interest.

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