Fine Options for Your Choices in Bets

Fine Options for Your Choices in Bets

Bet that is the winner if the selected team or participant is classified among the first three places of the event. Some houses extend it to the fourth or even the fifth place.

  • Press: Concept used to indicate that a user has made a bet for a higher amount than usual.
  • First half: Bet on the result of the match at the end of the first part.
  • Next goal: Bet on the team that scores the next goal.
  • Public: It is used to define the average, inexperienced user, as well as to refer to the money wagered by this type of user. This class of users is also often called tourists.
  • Push: It occurs when the match of the bet ends in a tie and this option is not contemplated. In these cases, the bookmaker proceeds to return the bets in full.

In slot88 we call the rating with which we carry out the rankings. Thus, the formula to calculate the ranking would be the following:

Rating = (No. tips x yield) / 100

Return on investment. Method for calculating benefits. In the betting world it is the same as yield.

Sharp: Professional Player

  • Spread betting: Bet where the profits are not fixed.
  • SPRO: Semi-professional.

Literally the stake is the amount of money we bet on a pick. Stake can also be used as a betting system, in which case the stake is the degree of confidence we have in a pick. The stake of a bet ranges from 0.5 to 10; with 10 being the maximum applicable to a bet (A stake 10 can represent 10% of the bank if you are an aggressive tipster, or 5% if you are more conservative).

We assign a percentage of our full stake to each stake, assigning a monetary value that corresponds to the level of confidence.

Strike rate: Placed bets / Successful bets

  • Tic-tac: Gestural language to express odds.
  • Tips: Synonym of picks.
  • Tipster: Person who places picks (betting recommendations).
  • Trading: It consists of taking advantage of market trends to speculate with the shares.
  • Trading Live: It is to speculate with the odds in a “live” event in order to ensure profits or minimize losses.
  • Bettor Stake Unit: Amount resulting from dividing a bettor’s bank by 200 (conservative model) or 100 (aggressive model).
  • Value bet: Bet with value. You have a positive mathematical hope.
  • Value +: A bet with value + is a bet whose probability of success is underestimated by the bookmaker.
  • Wise guy: Man with information.

In the world of betting also known as ROI (Return on investment). It is a measure of performance, in fact, that is its literal translation. It is used to measure the expectation of an average bet of a player.


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