Food Blogging Is All About Making Imagination Come True

Food Blogging Is All About Making Imagination Come True

Blogging is all about sharing your own experience with people. I am a big foodie and love to try making and trying new things. My hobby and passion made me start writing about my experience, and today I am working as a food blogger. I don’t take writing blogs as a job, but it is all about sharing my routine and recipes with the world. Food blogging has not only changed my life but also encouraged many other people to follow their cooking passion and share it with others.

Being a food blogger has inspired me to try out new variations even in old traditional recipes. Cooking is my hobby and sharing recipes with people have encouraged me to think out of the box. Food blogging made me a good writer, a photographer, and most importantly, a creative person. I believe the dish must look pleasing, so I try hard to make each dish look impressive.

Why do people follow food bloggers?

I know it is challenging to get time for cooking, especially for working people. So, I try hard to come up with healthy, yummy recipes, and at the same time, they can be cooked quickly. It has helped me get connected with people looking for such things and even share their thoughts with me.

Becoming a food blogger not only helped me to grow but also helped me to broaden my thought process. I can come up with recipes that one cannot imagine and thus help people try out something new and yummy. Many people think that food bloggers steal other’s recipes, but it is not valid. As a food blogger, I give my taste and touch to the dish, making the difference.

How food blogger makes me financially independent?

Initially, starting my food blog was to share different cuisines and recipes with people. But with passing time, people started following me and started giving feedback on my recipes. It inspired me to work a little more, and it helped me to get a fan base.

Today there are many restaurants and home chefs who look upon me as an influencer. It helps me to try out new cuisines and promoting it, made me get earning. Thus, starting as a food blogger helped me follow my hobby and passion and made me financially independent.


I have Grown as a Food Blogger and am still trying hard to broaden my thoughts to bring something new to the world. Many followers come up with their problem and feedback to my recipes which boost me to work. Food blogging is not only about making food, but it is more about the perception of the dish.

Today many food bloggers are working as a critic, and it helps chefs to improve the dish. My journey started with sharing my recipes in the form of blogs, but soon it became my passion, and I am working ahead to become a good food critic in the future. If you too love cooking or find it an exciting field, go on, and start your blog to grow yourself.

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