Get your own customized Bobbleheads to make your bedroom look cool

Get your own customized Bobbleheads to make your bedroom look cool

Bobbleheads are nowadays trendy in India. These are doll with oversized heads and the heads move in bobbling movements. Now they are collectible and customizable also. Today in this discussion article, we will talk about custom bobblehead.

These can be a good option for gifting. You can get your loved ones to turn into a mini caricature with the help of these dolls. This ageless piece of art is based on the results you submit to the artist.

You can choose from thousands of options available and get the result which you like to have you can choose from thousands of poses, dresses. For example, you also saw your boss in a suit in the office. You can turn your boss in a swimsuit and make your boss smile.

Most of the bobblehead made have an oversized head compare to the rest of the body parts. Over the years, these dolls have become popular because they are customizable. Just imagine someone visits your home and sees your doll at the side table in your bedroom.

It can bring an inner joy on the face of your guest seeing the mini caricature of yourself. Reading the article, you would imagine how these custom bobbleheads are made? Don’t worry we will answer.

A bobblehead is made using different materials. In general, they are made using resin and hollow plastic, but the heads are of ceramic and wood, but resin offers details in design and is more durable. Plastic dolls are cast using a mold, but all the plastic dolls are not the same because of the shape, size, highly depends on the mold. The next part is the felt cloth because of these clothes you get the details which works as the final touchup.

We will begin with the head of the doll because it plays a significant role in the making of custom bobbleheads. The body of the doll is generally made using hollow plastic which is covered with felt cloth you choose. The head is used connected using a metal clasp in the downward portion of the head. At the far end, there is a bolt that works a weight for the head. When connected to the body, this allows the head of the doll to bobble. Without that bolt, the doll would not be able to bobble.

This is the way you can make your own personalized dolls, and give your house a trendy look.

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