How Can Rubber Vinyl Flooring Tiles Save Your Home’s Aesthetics

How Can Rubber Vinyl Flooring Tiles Save Your Home’s Aesthetics

Rubber is a completely versatile element with an incoherently vast number of advantages that have made it a much-loved option when it comes to floorings. It is commercial and provides a high traffic environment. The rubber floorings are available in multitudes of colors, textures and patterns. It is not only resisted to the exterior application but as a choice of flooring in many homes. The rubber tiles come in sizes varying in between 12 inches to 36 inches squares.

The advantages of getting a rubber tile flooring

This resilient flooring option has its appealing inherent advantages. Much like its counterparts such as vinyl. There is a best of both worlds option available now in the form of rubber vinyl flooring[กระเบื้องยางไวนิล, which is the name in Thai].


  1. easy maintenance


  1. water-resistant
  2. quiet
  3. easy installation

7.Insulation value

  1. recyclable
  2. style options

The disadvantages to having rubber floorings

The product took the market with such a storm that it has its own niche. This product has fewer options in the market than any of its counterparts that have been in the business for a much longer time. Its applications Inside residential areas are quite restricted comparatively

  1. cost
  2. slippage


  1. odor
  2. fire issues
  3. seams

The old-fashioned method to vinyl flooring is certainly popular but these two new options are better when it comes to durability although it is much suited for corporate areas than the residences. They come in ranges of patterns and colors. The availability could be an issue but simple google research on the internet would do the job. One should always look for warranty and the producer of the flooring also the type of base ground on which the flooring will be laid.

So go ahead take your time to decide if this product is the best fit for you and your house.

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