How to play seven-card studs

How to play seven-card studs

There are many websites, which people can use to play different types of poker. People can also perform joker123 download on their mobiles or tablets which will install the software. One of the variants of poker is a seven-card stud in which seven cards are dealt with among the players. The players aim to make a five-card hand. The player having the best hand wins the game. The game is played with a limit betting structure and the increments of each betting round are fixed.

How to play the game?

Here are the rules for playing seven-card stud.


At the starting of the game, each player has to add a fixed amount of money, which depends on the type of game a player is playing.

Third Street

After the deposition of the ante, the game starts. Each player is given three cards out of which two cards are face down and one card is face up. The player whose face-up card is of the lowest rank has to start the actions. This card is called to bring in the card. He has to make a nominal bet whose size is equal to the bring-in card. The betting starts from the player with the lowest rank card and the actions continue in a clockwise direction.

Fourth Street

The dealer deals another face-up card called Fourth Street and the player having the highest rank card starts taking actions. The player has the option of check or bet. If he chooses to bet, it equals to the amount lower structured betting.

Fifth Street

The dealer deals with the fifth card also called Fifth Street. The player who has the highest rank card starts taking action.

Sixth Street

Each player is dealt the sixth card called the sixth street and the player having the highest rank card starts taking actions.

Seventh Street

Each player receives the seventh card, which is face down. The player who has the highest rank cards dealt ion previous dealings has to start the actions.

The Showdown

After the completion of the last betting round, the time of showdown comes. If more than one active player is left, If no bet has been made in the final round, the player sitting on the first seat starts the showdown and each active player has to act in a clockwise direction. The winner is the one who has the best five-card hand.

Betting actions

There are many actions that players can take during the betting rounds and these include fold, bet, check, call, and raise. A player takes action based on the action taken by the previous players. A player can opt to check if no other player has made a bet. If a bet has been made, then no player can check. They can call or raise the bet or forfeit their cards by opting fold. People who opt for fold cannot play the game further.

Wrapping up

These are the rules that players have to follow while playing a seven-card stud game. People need to master the game and make a strategy in such a way that they do not lose the game easily.

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