If You Want To Define Your Backyard, Hardscapes Are The Way To Go

50 Breathtaking Backyard Ideas - Outdoor Space Design Inspiration

Now that we’re at the tail-end of 2021, several homeowners are already drawing up their plans and preparing their budgets for next year’s waves of house fixes and renovation projects. If we’re going by kitchen design trends alone, there’s no telling what the future holds. In fact, despite the highly volatile nature of the current real estate market, it seems that most people are still hell-bent on getting the most out of their properties, regardless of what external factors end up doing.

On that note, if you’re looking to start next year’s renovation journey with the backyard and can’t decide on what the best course of action looks like for you, then we suggest reimagining or adding new hardscapes to the space. And before you judge the prospect too quickly for either being too hard or the unnecessary amount of work that comes with the project, then you might want to learn about the many advantages of backyard hardscapes first.

Helps Introduce New Textures And Materials

Most traditionally-designed backyards only ever feature one or two contrasting materials to define the space. While that may work for many homes, it does get old after seeing the same combinations for years. So, if you want to introduce new textures and materials without having to do a complete overhaul of the backyard, then redesigning your current hardscapes are the best way to go. 

  • Experimenting With Walls And Railings: When it comes to structures, the walls and railings typically receive the least amount of love in terms of visual appeal and interest because they’re most likely seen as a backsplash. However, these seemingly forgotten backsplashes are some of the best ways to introduce new textures, simply by incorporating new wall and railing designs like brick, dry stone, or even mosaics.
  • Mixing Pavers With The Greenery: In addition to the walls and railings, we also recommend mixing in pavers with your greenery to help define pathways and lessen the maintenance work at the same time. And depending on the general motif and theme you’re trying to achieve, anyone can find success with wooden deckings and cobblestones, especially for the design-savvy.

Maximizes Functionality Of Backyard Space

Other than the aesthetic benefits gained through adding new hardscapes and redesigning old ones, these backyard renovation projects also maximize the functionality of the space by incorporating extra utility to less-appreciated areas. And even if you don’t spend that much time outside in your backyard right now, you must find new hobbies to try with all that extra space, like aerobics or a bit of green thumb action. 

  • Adding Extra Levels To Landscaping: While sunken living rooms are slowly becoming a thing again, the same principle can also be applied with hardscapes by sinking in relaxing seating areas with warm fire pits. Plus, you could also go the opposite way of moving upwards by installing brand-new patios and matching them with some good old-fashioned pergolas and arbors to make use of that vertical spaciousness.
  • Increasing Overall Property Value: The past two years have created some scary overvaluations in many housing markets. While it does help sellers get a better deal on their properties and secure a better refinancing, the fear of everything going back down is real. So, to help counteract any movements in the real estate market, hardscaping renovation projects and new designs enable an increase in property value and secure some tangible additions to the home.

But You Could Run Into A Few Problems Too

Likewise, no matter how incredible hardscaping projects may sound on paper, we’d be lying to you if we said that they didn’t have their fair share of problems and challenges as well. And depending on your current situation or the circumstances tied with your backyard, it might be a lot smarter to hold off on any hardscaping plans for the meantime. 

  • Don’t Overstep Clearance With Drainages: Firstly, a common issue that most hardscapes run into, whether it’s a simple makeover or a completely new addition, is clearance with drainages and pipes underneath. A lot of hardscape projects require digging deep into the ground to make structures secure, which means you’ll be needing a professional plumber to help guide the project along. And if you’re among the unlucky ones, then you might face some water interruption in the process.
  • Hardscaping Materials Come With Steep Costs: Apart from extra work, materials associated with hardscaping projects are generally more expensive than your typical renovation plan inside the house. And if you’re unprepared for steep costs or surprise expenses due to fixes, then you could quickly run out of budget before getting halfway. So, if you’re tight on cash, then hardscape renovations might not be the best idea.

Don’t Settle For Less!

Nevertheless, we can’t deny that experimenting with hardscapes and adding new structures to the backyard are excellent ways of defining the space and making it come to life. And if the pros far outweigh the cons in your personal situation, then we recommend going for it and never settling for less, especially if it means making your home look its best!

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