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On Saturday, April 22, March for Science Norway calls everyone who is concerned about a knowledge-based society out into the streets in defense of knowledge, independent research, and fearless communication scientific research. Join us!

In Norway, gatherings and marches are planned for BERGEN, BODØ, LONGYEARBYEN (Svalbard) , NY ÅLESUND (Svalbard), OSLO, STAVANGER, TROMSØ and TRONDHEIM, all associated with each other through a national network. Other cities in Norway have also shown great interest in planning their own gatherings and marches. As of March 30, marches are currently planned in more than 517 cities worldwide.

Our Mission

Scientific knowledge is a global public good and as a society, we are totally dependent on it in all major areas: education, health care,  job and career opportunities, and the environment our children grow up in. We use science to understand the world around us and science increases that understanding.

Our common knowledge base is under threat. We see strong political and economic forces that strive to control the direction of research and its results. Scientists are pressured or threatened not to disseminate the results of their research and "fake news" abounds in the media, much of it undermining scientific findings. When we no longer agree on what is true, it becomes impossible to have meaningful discussions and work toward common goals.

We are marching for the right to practice science, convey science, work together to build on the base of the best scientific evidence, think critically, and promote sustainable decisions based on scientific facts. Access to fact-based and quality-assured information for all is the backbone of a democratic society.


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I will March for Science to show my support for the scientific method and the search for knowledge by method of intellectual honesty in a time when such ideals are challenged.

I believe that the current situation is only the latest wave in an ever present undercurrent of anti-intellectualism and anti-science. I also believe that the best antidote is for scientists of all kinds to actively engage in society as a means to spread the scientific mindset and counter anti-science sentiments. That is why I think it is important for scientist not only to speak up, but to enter the arenas where decisions are made. There is an urgent need for politicians with a background in science, and this will not happen until scientists start running for office. Kristoffer Robin Haug, Nanoteknolog og stortingskandidat

I support March for Science in order to protect the universities, the scientists and their important role in society. The future is about knowing facts.

Heidi Hundåla, IT Consultant