In Longyearbyen, UNIS is hosting the March for Science. The event starts at 2 PM on Saturday outside the Svalbard Science Centre, before participants will march up Road 500 to Road 221 before turning into the pedestrian street (see map). The march will conclude in the city center by the miner’s statue.


At the miner's statute, there will be appeals held by students and by Kim Holmén, international director at the Norwegian Polar Institute.

All are invited to join us in this celebration of science! Og følg oss på vår facebook side!



Local koordinatorer

Eva Therese Jenssen og Pauline Gauffier


Nettside: http://marchforsciencenorway.com/

Facebook: www.fb.com/marchforsciencenorway

Twitter: @SciMarchNorway


E-mail: sciencemarchnorway@gmail.com

Instagram: marchforsciencenorge

Telefon: 95 77 75 06 (Claudia Melim-McLeod) 22 85 50 65 (Anna Mazzarella)