Painting A New House: What You Need To Know

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To save a lot of money on the overall cost of building a new home, many homeowners choose to finish their homes themselves. It may be that the contract for the construction of your future house with a building professional does not include the finishes, which will then have to be carried out by you.

Among these finishes, painting the walls with house pain (สี ทา บ้าน which is the term in Thai) and ceilings is a step accessible to all. Because of this, it may be a good idea to plan to paint your house yourself, which will be cheaper than bringing in a professional.

But beware: if it is possible to paint your house yourself, it is essential to be well prepared and know the basics before starting. Even if you can’t wait to enjoy your new home finally, you mustn’t rush to paint the walls in your home. Which paint to choose for a new house? What accessories should I use? How many coats are needed for the paint application?

Which Paint To Choose?

First, you will need to choose the paint or different paints you will use to paint the different rooms of your new house. The choice is not apparent because there are many paints such as acrylic and glycerol paint or even alkyd paint.

So, in order not to make a mistake and choose the paint suitable for both your home but also your expectations, you will have to pay attention to various factors:

the type of support: some paints will be more suited to a type of support. Thus, it will be advisable to choose your paint according to the latter (paint for ceilings, walls, floors, etc.).

The support material: in the same way, pay attention to the material of your support (concrete wall, plasterboard partition, etc.).

The type of parts to be painted: some paints will be more suitable for specific rooms, such as the kitchen (washable paint) or the bathroom (resistant to water and humidity).

You will thus have to choose between acrylic paint (easily applicable water-based paint), glycerol paint (particularly suitable for wet rooms because it is washable), alkyd paint (which combines the advantages of acrylic and glycerol paint), and finally epoxy paint (very covering and resistant). Finally, you will also have to choose the appearance of your paint: matte, satin, or even shiny.

The Essential Accessories To Paint Your House

Once the paint or the different paints have been chosen for your house and before you start painting, do not forget to bring all the necessary equipment to succeed in painting in the best conditions. Thus, before starting the painting work in your new house, we advise you to have certain accessories such as:

brushes: several types of brushes will be beneficial to you, such as the round brush (common use), the flat brush (for smoothing and varnishing), the brush (for the angles), or the angled brush (for difficult places to ‘access).

Rollers: here too, several rollers will be useful to you, such as the foam roller (for common use), the nap roller (for rough surfaces), the anti-drip roller (for painting the ceiling), the roller bee (for the plaster), or the rabbit’s foot roll (for hard-to-reach places).

A tray and a wringing grid: to wring out your brush or roller before painting.

Tarpaulins: to protect the floor, walls, joinery, radiators, etc.

Adhesive tape: to delimit surfaces not to be painted or to protect surfaces (baseboards, doors, windows, etc.).

A sponge: to be able to clean any paint stains.

Good to know: To protect yourself, a mask, gloves, and protective glasses can also be useful, especially if you are using glycerol paint.

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