The Findings on Sports Betting Poker Sites

The Findings on Sports Betting Poker Sites

This is one of the biggest clashes in the world, a match of great rivalry, a classic that everyone stops to watch. Can statistics help us with our bet? Below I list some factors that we must analyze for a confrontation, always remembering that statistics are a guide in your bets, but should never be looked at blindly, without taking into account other factors.

Recent history:

How has the team played in recent situs poker online asia games? Does it come in a good sequence? Or are you in a complicated phase and needing to recover? The recent form tells us a lot about the current moment of the team, if they are growing or if the trend is getting worse. Psychology is very important in football, and it is not uncommon for us to see a motivated and engaged team beating another that is theoretically better.

In the recent form we can also see the dates of the matches, and we can know if the players have faced a great sequence of games or if they have had a break to rest.

Stay tuned

When a team plays many games in a row (common when playing more than one competition at the same time), the turnover in the squad is higher, and this can directly affect their performance. When two teams have faced a sequence of matches, usually the one with the best squad tends to prevail.

  • Recently, in the dispute for the final of the Copa do Brasil, a superior team (Cruzeiro) faced a theoretically inferior one (Atlético-MG), however, the Rooster was the previous games acting with reserve or mixed team, resting the main team and focusing on the competition, while Cruzeiro focused on the Brasileirão, got worn out and failed to reverse the advantage of the first match. On the field on that occasion we saw the team completely worn out by the sequence of games. Thus, the odds were in favor of Cruzeiro, but the value was completely on the opposite side.

Home / away shape

A team can come from 4 wins in a row, but if they were all at home, in front of the crowd, in favorable conditions, it is good to be careful. In confrontations we must always be attentive also to the performance of the teams inside and outside the home (of course you will look at the home form of the one who is the principal and the form outside of who is the visitor). At we were able to quickly filter 5 games, which I believe are sufficient to know how the team has been playing outside their domains. But if you want, the site offers the possibility of the search extending to more matches.


In the case of the example in situs poker online resmi, we picked two very strong clubs outside and inside the house, but there are countless examples of teams that at home hardly lose, and that outside the home do not show the same strength.


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