Types Of Plastic Bags Done

Types Of Plastic Bags Done

There are many types of plastic bags, and custom tote bags; we can help you choose the type that best suits your needs, saving you unnecessary expenses. As manufacturers, we can adjust to the customer’s needs in terms of sizes, qualities and thickness of the bags. The sectors where we are specialized in providing bags for different needs are the agri-food industry, industry in general, hotels and commerce.

Main Characteristics Of A Plastic Bag

When choosing a plastic bag, we have to look at a series of variables that we have to take into account.

Plastic Thickness

The thickness of the plastic is usually measured in gauges, this being a unit that is used to measure fragile materials. A gauge is equivalent to a quarter of a micron. For example, a polyethene sheet having a thickness of 100 gauges would be 25 microns (0.025mm). The thickness of the sheet in the vacuum bags is important since the pressure exerted on the vacuum-packed food could cause breakage. These bags are usually 120 microns thick.

Types Of Plastics

Polyethene: It is used for the manufacture of a wide variety of products. Given its versatility, a variety of colours and thicknesses can be used, and it is widely used for printing.

Polypropylene: The main characteristic of this type of plastic is its transparency and shine, which makes it the right product for displaying the contents of the bag.

Bag Sizes

With the information, we offer you can determine the size of the bags that best suits your needs. For this, you will need to know what the parts of a bag are and thus understand its actual dimensions. As you can see in the image on the left, the plastic bags have a side gusset that increases the size and thus offers capacity. This gusset can also be on the bottom of the bag creating a special capacity for certain items such as shoe boxes.

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