There are many reasons people are using xrated search engines. It is a web engine created for adult sites only. There are two types of adult sites, free porn and paid porn. Free porn uses flash technology to stream videos of people making love. Paid porn uses streaming technology. This is where an xrated search engine comes in. xrated search engine will find the best video streams to use for the user’s chosen area of interest. In addition, the xrated search engine will create a list of sex keywords that could help users find what they want faster. It could be as simple as looking for something fun to do during their spare time, or they may have an underlying desire to explore their sexuality. Whatever the case, if you want to enjoy porn, then you should have full knowledge about it before you start using this xrated search engine. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with this-


  • No physical contact! You don’t need to worry about getting caught having sex with someone else. Simply put, it’s safe.
  • There’s no pressure! Because the internet makes it easier than ever to watch free porn, you don’t need anyone’s approval, except maybe your own.
  • As long as you keep your browser open, you’ll never miss out on anything! Just hit refresh and you’ll always stay updated on the latest releases in the industry.
  • Most importantly, porn doesn’t give you any real expectations. When you first watch a video, you won’t know who it’s going to end up being. So, there’s no need to feel nervous before you click play.


Xrated search engines work only for adult sites. Because It is not designed for any other type of website, it does have some drawbacks. For example, if someone were to go directly to a website listed in Google using the xrated search engine, then the person would be redirected to a different website than he originally wanted. Also, it does not work well for those who do not pay money for their porn. If someone were to visit a free porn website, they would still need to download the software before the videos would play. Lastly, xrated search engines cannot access the information contained in the websites themselves. Only the websites that xrated search engines have listed are shown to the user.

  • If you’re worried about being seen, then you shouldn’t go anywhere near the internet. Your identity could be exposed, not to mention that you’re now being stalked by thousands of people.
  • Watching porn isn’t going to make you happy. Sure, it looks sexy, but it’s just empty entertainment. Plus, it’s addicting. Once you start watching, you’ll find yourself wanting to view even more videos.
  • Even though it seems harmless, it can affect your relationships. People tend to get jealous when they see others watching porn and assume that you’re cheating on your partner. And let’s face it; everyone knows that watching porn is bad for your self-esteem.