Filing for divorce in Georgia: Don’t skip hiring a lawyer!

Filing for divorce in Georgia: Don’t skip hiring a lawyer!

If you and your spouse agree on all matters related to the divorce, you can choose to go “pro se” in Georgia, which means you can represent yourself. To file for divorce, the couple must be legally separated, which doesn’t necessarily mean staying in two different houses. Legal separation can just mean that the couple is not engaging in marital relations anymore and consider themselves in a state of separation. Also, either of the spouses must be living in Georgia for at least six months. So, if you can handle the divorce on your own, why would you want a lawyer? In this post, we are sharing more on why you need a Winder divorce lawyer

  1. Because you would be missing out on expertise. There are many technical issues that may crop up during the divorce, and the paperwork and related documentation can be cumbersome. You need an expert attorney by your side, who can guide you further on all relevant matters, such as child custody and support and distribution of assets. 
  2. Because you need support. Beyond the paperwork, the role of a divorce lawyer is also offer advice and support for clients. They know what it takes to ease the process for their clients, and this can significantly reduce your own stress. The mental support that a divorce lawyer can offer is unparalleled. 
  3. Because you don’t want to make mistakes. DIY divorce may seem like an economical option, but you could end up making mistakes that may cost huge in the long run. This is one of the precise reasons why you want an attorney, who can help with your rights and decisions. You will be assured that your decisions aren’t impulsive or wrong. 
  4. Because you want a binding agreement. Creating an agreement that’s acceptable to both spouses requires expertise. Even when you are cordial with your spouse, you will still need an attorney, so that they can check whether the final draft is same as what was initially decided. 
  5. Because you need a mediator. Unless you want to drag the divorce, there is no point of fighting with your spouse. Without a divorce lawyer, mediations can be really tough. If your spouse has hired a lawyer, you need one too, so that a settlement can be discussed and agreed upon, as soon as possible. 

Check online for the best divorce attorneys in Georgia and ask for a free consultation session. 

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