If you’ve ever thought about wearing period undies, then you should know there’s more to it than just picking a type of pad that looks good and is comfortable. Certain features are best for certain people and needs. 

Finding The Perfect Fit

It’s important to find your perfect “match” when shopping for period panties, but you should also consider other factors. For instance, the fit is important. If you want pads that are more absorbent than others, then you’ll need a pair with a larger shape and size.

If you’re looking for something comfortable yet still offers plenty of protection, then pads with smaller sizes and shapes will do the trick.

It can be tough trying to find the right fit initially because there are so many different types of pads available. There are two main types: disposable and reusable. Some people prefer reusable menstrual underwear because they’re better for the environment and can last longer without wearing them out.

However, some people prefer disposable pads because they work better for light days or during exercise periods.

Material That Is Best For Holding Moisture And Odor

One material that’s great for holding moisture and odor is silk. Silk provides a nice barrier against bacteria and has natural antibacterial properties. It also dries quickly and doesn’t hold onto odor like other materials might.

Another material to consider is cotton, which is used in many of the best period panties you’ll find on the market today. Cotton is great at absorbing moisture as well as odors, so it’s perfect for anyone who’s looking for a comfortable pad with a little bit of extra absorbency.

Another option that’s worth considering is bamboo. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and provides a soft, silky feel to the skin. It also comes in different colors, so you’ll be able to pick one that matches your style or mood.

Comparison Between Absorbent And Non-Absorbent Materials

The first thing to do when you’re shopping for a good period undies is to compare different materials. The difference between the two is that absorbent materials like cotton can hold moisture better than non-absorbent materials like rayon or polyester.

This means in hot, humid weather, the pad will stay dry and not leak or wick onto your clothing.

If you wear pads every day and are looking for something that will keep you feeling fresh all day, then you should look for a cotton product. Cotton is also soft against your skin and won’t irritate it with any rough patches or seams.

If you have sensitive skin or have allergies, then this type of product may be best for you because it won’t cause any irritation while they’re on your skin.

If you don’t wear pads every day and want something that will still offer freshness but doesn’t need to be washed as often as other products, then consider a non-absorbent material such as rayon or polyester.

These types of products are more durable and don’t require as much maintenance as an absorbent material does because they can handle just about anything without getting damaged easily.

They also tend to last longer than absorbent materials so it’s worth it to invest in these types of products if you’re looking for something that will last long-term rather than something that needs daily cleaning and caretaking like an absorbent material would do.