We love renovating our homes just as much as the next enthusiast. Still, one question that never fails to resurface is why do homeowners constantly default to renovations, remodels, and makeovers when they could be extending their homes instead? Sure, there might be objective reasons behind a renovation project like structural integrity or general improvements. Still, barring those outliers, an extension can do just as much, in fact, even more than a renovation could ever dream of.

Of course, we don’t mean to downplay the effectiveness and effort that goes into planning a home renovation; we’re all for the love people pour into their homes and the creative expressions that come from reimagining a space. However, we think it’s time people start facing the music that renovations might not be the best in the business. If you end up spending the same on your budget anyways, then home extensions and additions should be on the table instead.

Home Extensions Solve A Million Problems

As far as advantages go, home extensions and additions to your property can solve a million problems that you’re thinking about right now, and all you’d need to do is set aside the money to fund the evaluation, excavation, and construction. Of course, there are a lot more details surrounding the plan to ensure proper execution. Still, once you get the gist of things, you get to reap the benefits of (1) getting extra rooms, (2) increasing the property’s value, and (3) maximizing the functionality of an existing space.

  • Get That Extra Room You Always Wanted: Firstly, if you’ve ever wanted more room for hobbies like maybe working out at home instead of going to the local rock-climbing gym or perhaps a general lounge area for guests, then extending your home is the best option. Sure, some would argue that renovating the basement or repurposing the garage can do just as good, but nothing beats designing something from scratch and according to your exact plans.
  • Increase Your Property’s Overall Market Value: In addition to getting that extra room you’ve always been meaning to have, home extensions and additions, in general, increase your property’s overall market value because more space = more functionality. And with home prices still surging like never before, now’s your best chance to cash in on the market for a better refinancing on your mortgage or maybe even lock in a better deal for plans with the family.
  • Improve The Functionality Of An Existing Space: Lastly, if that one guest room has been bugging you for the past few months now, or maybe the living room area feels too cramped, home extensions can do away with your worries too. For example, if you’re welcoming new members to the family and can’t seem to fit more furniture into the living room, then why not consider knocking down a wall and extending the space to fit everyone instead.

However, Please Double-Check These On Home Evaluations

Now, despite the many benefits that come with home extensions, diving into an extension project headfirst without any regard to risks or home evaluations is a surefire way of getting yourself into more trouble than you could handle. So, before you lay out the home addition site, we recommend that you double-check on these things first to save yourself the headache much later into construction. 

  • Structural Repairs That Compromise Home Additions: If your home is on the older side of the scale, we recommend that you go over any potential structural repairs that must be done first to avoid compromising the home addition. For example, large cracks on foundation walls and exposed reinforcement beams that need professional services must be handled with care before thinking about extending your space.
  • Current Capacity Of Mechanical Systems: Apart from evaluating your home’s structural integrity and viability for a home extension, you should also review the current capacity of your property’s mechanical systems and if it can still run efficiently with more furnishings and extra space. You see, even though you can wire the electricals and recircuit the HVAC, you’ll need to double-check with contracts, plumbing professionals, and other services to ensure your safety.
  • Exterior Aesthetic And Appeal Of An Extension: Last but not least, while aesthetics and curb appeal might feel like they should be the last things you need to worry about, you wouldn’t want your home extension to feel alien to the entire property. Something that looks bad will only take away from the value of your home, and you wouldn’t want to end up hating the project you worked so hard to complete.

If You Got The Game, Why Not Play The Field?

Overall, if your home meets all the criteria and specifications for a home extension, we think it’s an excellent idea to extend the property to get more out of it. Sure, there’s no denying that you will need quite the big investment, both in time and money, but we can guarantee that you will feel satisfied starting that project earlier than much later in your homeownership. 

Meta title: The Unspoken Benefits Of Home Additions & Extensions
meta desc: Nowadays, everyone’s quick to join the trend of home renovations, but why not extend the space instead of repurposing it? Learn why you might be interested in upgrading your property with a home extension.