With the arrival of the quarterfinals of the Champions League and the Europa League, there are many bettors who rub their hands watching some of the odds that are presented to them. And it is that in such advanced rounds of such important competitions, some bets are like a candy at the door of a school: everyone wants them, but nobody knows who put it there and with what intention.

In this way, many times these types of quotas are not always met in soccer bets , since when it seems that they are quite easy, the teams do not comply with the provisions, or even settle for results such as defeat simply because that type of markers are beneficial to them. Here we leave you three tips to analyze well this type of bets, sometimes so complicated. At bet188 you can find the right choices here now. The right winning bets are right here for you.

Well differences between the match and the tie

This that seems so simple is not very evident to many, who blinded by the quantities, do not know very well because in the same clash a team is a favorite and at the same time not. Winning a match doesn’t always mean winning the tie, although it helps a lot. It is true that if victory is achieved, the path gets back on a much simpler path, but in odds there are two types of results.

You can bet at the same time on the victory of a team in the match but on its defeat in the tie. A tip is to observe in which bet there is no tie, since in the playoffs there is no tie, while in the game that result can be given without problems.

Meet the teams

What seems like a very simple thing is also another of the great keys. It is about having a minimum knowledge of the teams you are going to bet on. Know how they play away from home, what results are worth to them, how they are with the injured or the sanctioned, and if they arrive in a good moment of form. It is important to know all those kinds of things because on paper many teams may be favorites, but on the pitch the opposite is true.

Do not risk impossible results

It is important to know that for many teams, losing a game in the qualifying rounds is not important, since they have a game advantage or it is a good result for the second leg. That is why, many times the most logical thing is to bet on the local team, since more than half of the times they are winners.