RV living or motor home living is always attached to the homeless. When you hear people regard their past as “just living in an RV” there is an automatic sense of sympathy that the listeners feel. You have this picture in your mind of a home on wheels. It is typically small and cramped up inside. And only fits a single bed and stuff jammed inside a small space.  

RVs or motor homes are measured between 250 and 350 square feet. Some modern and upgraded versions of the RVs feature slide-outs. This can take a measurement of up to 450 or 500 square feet at a stretch. With this size, there isn’t much room to move.

Living Quarters on the Road

Motor homes are designed as living quarters that you can take with you wherever you go. The good thing about it is you can park it anywhere. From beaches to camping sites, even beside your best friend’s house. Being in different locations makes living an adventure.  

But can you imagine living in a trailer that is bigger? More expensive and more luxurious than a modern house? Is there a way to extend the normal square footage of an RV? With a combination of modern technology and a big budget, it is possible. The best example is Hollywood A-Lister Will Smith.  

Will Smith owns a 12,000 square foot fancy motor home. He spent a budget worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for state-of-the-art technology. This also includes $30,000 worth of leather and an extendable second story. This RV is known as “The Heat”. In total, this one has a price tag in the millions.   An RV with that size takes a lot of power and many wheels to make it move. 22 wheels to be precise. At the mere touch of a button on an exclusive mobile app, the RV extends outwards and upwards to include a second story. 8 pistons push out 2,000 pounds of pressure to raise the roof. Adding another 42 inches on top of that. That is what you call automotive art.  

ith the use of a computer pad with a special app, walls expand and contract. The roof extends, lights are switched on, and air cons turned on. For entertainment, music is activated and secret TVs appear out of nowhere. All this technology adds levels of comfort and luxury. Matched by very few other models in the transport industry.  

This luxury motor home is very much well maintained. They hire the best mechanic, the best engineers, a very reliable air conditioning service company, and a team of cleaners. The manufacturers also installed between $100,000 and $125,000 worth of gadgets. This automobile is running like a very well-oiled machine.  

Now let’s have a tour. Here, perhaps readers can use a little imagination and some daydreaming.

The First Floor  

On the first floor, excluding the driver’s cabin, you will find Will Smith’s office and his Assistant’s office to work. It includes a wardrobe area, make-up area, a full-service kitchen, and a $25,000 worth bathroom that runs the full width of the trailer.  

The RVs kitchen is larger than those of most regular studio apartments. Featuring granite countertops, a full-sized double door fridge, and a microwave oven. It also has a stainless steel dishwasher and a large sink. The kitchen alone is worth anywhere between $100,000 to $200,000.   In the bathroom, the focal point of the full-width lavatory is the steam shower. This costs more than $2,000 for standard versions. The designers faced a unique predicament when on the one hand privacy is essential. But by building a closed-off bathroom, the floor space would appear smaller and cramped. So they solved both problems at once. The glass door transitions from opaque to clear with a flick of a switch.  

Speaking of unique doors, when you enter the downstairs lounge area, the “star trek” sliders await. As the mirror-coated divider doors make a distinct space-age swoosh sound. You hear them when they open and close. In the lounge area is an illuminated makeup mirror with a hidden TV. A wardrobe area and a big space to relax and chill out.  

The Second Floor  

Upstairs is the theater and a business lounge. This is where Will watches his movie takes and holds meetings. Aside from 2 flat-screen TVs, it features a drop-down screen that emerges at the touch of a button. This lounge is used primarily for work and business.  

This lounge also features automated blackout shades. This gives Will Smith, his family, and guests plenty of privacy. It also includes a screening room that is capable of housing 30 people at once. Imagine the movie time the Smith family and their friends enjoy together inside this RV.  

With your imagination running wild, perhaps the total cost of this truck will bring you back to earth. This luxury motor home has a price tag of $2,500,000. This “glorified bus” is worth more than a 3 bedroom mansion, or a high-end, 2-bedroom Manhattan apartment.  

The moral of this story is, the next time you see an RV, don’t look down on it. Will Smith worked hard for what he has. And every person who works hard can achieve more. Every person living in an RV is always capable of having bigger dreams come true.

Meta title: Luxurious RV Living: An Exclusive Tour
meta desc: Living in an RV or motor home is often regarded as being homeless. But nowadays there are state-of-the-art RVs that can provide luxury and comfort. Read on to learn how it is possible.