Can you become a soccer legend and score hundreds of games changing goals like Messi or Ronaldo? Do you wish to feel the on-ground pressure and experience the adrenaline rush of an exciting soccer game, well yes of course one can do that. Whether you love to slip past defenders like a bar of soap or “laser” the ball in from the penalty spot Online Soccer has it all. แทงบอลออนไลน์offers one an opportunity to play and represent their favourite players and favourite soccer clubs virtually. It can be played easily on your mobile phones, laptops, pcs, and PlayStation. Multi-player mode and the online mode features of แทงบอลออนไลน์allow one to play it with friends over the internet.  

It is right to say that Soccer or football connects people all around the globe. Soccer is after all the most-watched sport in the world. Two hundred and fifty million people play soccer in more than two hundred countries. Recently UEFA European Football Championship bagged a record 328 million viewers, the largest for any sports watched online. All of this sums up that Soccer or football has a huge fanbase and these fans would not be satisfied just by watching the game and would love to experience it along with online gaming becoming highly popular nowadays, fans won’t mind taking up the online version of the game.


แทงบอลออนไลน์ has become super trendy among users of all ages of people and it would not be fair not to mention the game ‘FIFA’ developed by EA sports. The Soccer game, FIFA offers world-class competition, realistic sports thrills, real-time 11 v 11 gameplay, and authentic soccer game action. It gives players a euphoric opportunity to build their team, play with their best players, experience audio commentary, and challenge other players in a live soccer championship. FIFA mobile has a mammoth 8 million downloads and more than 80% of the players use the online mode. Not only FIFA but various other games have their fanbases.

 ‘Soccer Manager’ is another fantastic game for players. It offers players a chance to be soccer managers where you can control all aspects of a soccer club. It allows you to showcase yourself  as a football manager both off and on the pitch from planning the training sessions for football to selecting your top eleven. It also involves outsmarting the opposite teams with the winning tactics, to building up a world-class stadium, controlling the club finances.It also includesfinding the superstars of the future by the dynamic transfer market and an extensive scouting network. Head soccer is another widely played online soccer game. It has bobbleheads of main players contesting to score goals only using their heads. There are several websites like,, etc too which offer mini versions of soccer games online such as penalty shoot-outs, soccer hero, spin soccer, etc.

แทงบอลออนไลน์has hit the right chord with fans of the game allowing them to experience the game. However, a person has to be thorough with rules and roles while playing the game.