Disputes over ownership or use of land fall under the purview of real estate lawsuits. Cases involving condos, HOAs, mobile homes, and subdivisions make up the bulk of the real estate litigation industry. If you can’t arrange with the other party, you can ask them to sign a dissolution or release agreement instead, which will end the lawsuit without having to go to court.

What Is Real Estate Litigation Law

A real estate litigation lawyer is a type of lawyer in civil law that deals with disputes over real property. Real estate litigation covers disputes between the owner of a property and another party, such as a neighbor or tenant. It also covers situations where there are m multiple parties are involved in an ownership dispute.

According to Wade kricken, the word litigation refers to any type of legal proceeding in which one party, the plaintiff, demands compensation from a third party, the defendant, after being harmed as a result of the latter’s acts or omissions. Gaining control of something over which both sides have rights, like real estate, is another aspect of litigation.

What Kinds Of Claims Can Be Made In Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation is a large field of law. It can involve disagreements about the sale of real estate, the renting of real estate, and the use of the real estate. Real estate litigation law also covers disputes between tenants and landlords, between neighbors who disagree about land boundaries or use rights, or even between tenants who have different goals for the same piece of property.

Real estate litigators represent those who have been injured by the actions or inactions of a third party. As stated by Wade kricken, on behalf of their clients, they file lawsuits against those who caused or neglected to cause injury.

How Do You File A Lawsuit

  • You can file a lawsuit in state court.
  • You can go to federal court to sue someone.
  • You can sue in small claims court if you want less than $5,000 and you haven’t been turned down for other ways to solve the problem.
  • If your claim is about an estate or a divorce, you can also file a lawsuit under probate or family law.

Real Estate Litigation Cases

Real estate litigation cases are a type of case that involves disputes between parties who are involved in real estate transactions. Real estate transactions include buying and selling property, leasing, mortgages, deeds, etc.

Real estate attorneys can help you with these types of cases if you’re involved in any kind of dispute related to your home or other real estate matters. Some examples include:

  • Breach of contract regarding purchase or sale of land or buildings
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Disputes over boundaries between properties


One of the statutes that are considered to be of the utmost significance in this country is the real estate litigation lawyer. People who have been wronged by another person can receive justice and compensation for their losses with the assistance of this legislation. If you are involved in a dispute regarding real estate, you need to be aware of the various choices available to you so that you can make an educated choice regarding how to proceed with your case.