The Best Way to Get Instagram Likes: Our Tips to the Insta-famous Life‍

Do you want more Instagram followers, but are struggling to get them? You’re not the only one; getting more people following your account can be quite a challenge. But luckily for you, not everyone is blessed with outstanding social skills and some people are better at this than others. Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites today. With over 500 million users, this app is a hit with everyone. If you’ve joined Instagram, then you’ve probably noticed that many of your friends already have an account. But do they have more followers than you? Do they have more friends than you? The answer is no and no. That’s because everyone’s unique and has their own strengths, weaknesses and strategies for getting the most out of the site. There’s no shame in being shy or in having limited social skills. Everyone can learn. And to help you get the most out of Instagram, we’ve outlined the best way to get more Instagram followers to help you grow your following.


Follow Users Who Have More Followers


Everyone loves to receive instagram likes, but not everyone loves to give them. Successful influencers have millions of followers, so it’s important to follow other accounts that have a larger base as well. The best way to do this is by using a competitor analysis tool such as BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo allows you to see which posts are getting the most engagement with the userbase. If one of your competitors is getting a ton of engagement with their posts, it’s likely because the majority of their followers are interested in the content.


Use Hashtags That Others Use


Another way to grow your insta likes is by using hashtags that are being used by other users. Unless you’re already getting a ton of engagement with your posts, you should be using hashtags that other people use. This is because hashtags are a huge part of growing your Instagram following. With Instagram, users post only one picture per day. If a picture of yours gets posted with a popular hashtag, it will show up in the newsfeed of the person following you. And because Instagram is a visual network, your posts will show up in the newsfeeds of all of their friends, too.


Comment on Other Users’ Content


Who you follow on Instagram can have a huge impact on how many followers you get. For example, you may follow a ton of beauty bloggers and models. However, if you follow a ton of political figures on the site, you may get fewer followers than you would if you followed people who are not in the news. So, it’s important to follow accounts that have a similar interest or profession to your own. This will allow your Instagram audience to see you in their newsfeeds. It’s also beneficial to comment on other users’ posts. When someone comments on your content, it shows up in their feed, too. So, it’s another way to grow your following.



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