A polo shirt has a very monotonous image when one thinks of it with its short sleeves. When thinking about it, it is hard to comprehend many other styles to this apparel. But it would surprise you to know that even polos have different much more variations to it.

The seven types of polo shirts in the market today.

Here is the breakdown of the seven most popular kind of polo shirts available which includes many which the reader might never even have heard of.

  1. SHORT SLEEVE POLO: This the most common type of polo shirt that everyone knows about. They common with different patterns and in different materials. But certain basic rules to it cannot be altered in any variant of the short-sleeved polo, which is as follows:
  2. short sleeves
  3. a short torsi length
  4. an untucked/tucked jacket
  5. soft collar that is unstructured
  6. a placket with one to four buttons

The short sleeves polo is bulkier than normal t-shirts giving then a better drape quality. The fabric is always textured and has a small amount of stretch to it.

  1. PIMA COTTON POLOS: these are short sleeves made from a much lighter material as compared to the original one. These more feeling of a T-shirt than a polo. Generally made from cotton or poly blends of fabrics. They are commonly sported by golf players and athletics as they are flexed and has a more moisture-wicking ability.
  2. PIQUE POLOS: Pique is the name of a certain type of fabric that polo can be made from.

It’s the most common type of fabric material and almost every polo enthusiast has this in their closet. The type of cotton used is more durable with the tiniest bit of natural stretch.

  1. LONG SLEEVED POLO: The most important and the perhaps the only difference is the full length of the sleeves. They can have details on them that sets them apart from the short-sleeved ones.
  2. WOOL POLOS: A more luxurious version of long-sleeved polos, made from merino wool. They have collars and longer buttoning plackets.
  3. GOLF POLOS: Have shorter sleeves allowing more mobility. Made from a performance fabric giving them lots of stretches.
  4. RUGBY SHIRTS: they are the most durable form of polo shirts horizontally having broad strips.

Different types of polos with unique design in Thailand.

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