8 Things You Should Always Buy Online

Since the holidays are here, it will be shopping season soon. So, instead of buying something generic like a book, shirt, or some kitchen utensils, step your gift-giving game up a bit with some of the weirdest items you can buy online. From UFO detectors to human fat replica, online shops are full of the strangest items that would belong in your worst nightmares or Ridley Scott’s science fiction movies. Fortunately, you can own these items and give them as gifts as they are available for purchase with a few clicks on your mobile phones.

Strangest Gifts You Can Buy Online

You will surely be remembered by your friend and family to whom you will be giving these gifts, as no one was ever bizarre enough to give them these kinds of gifts. So, get your browsing skills and online marketplace payment methods ready for some one-of-a-kind holiday gifts that may be a few weeks too late for Halloween. Here are some of them:

  1. Tonsil-shaped plush toy

If you have friends who love toys and anatomy, getting them a plush toy in the shape of a tonsil would be a good idea. You might think that knowing people who fall under both categories of toys and anatomy love is not very common. Still, the toys are currently unavailable for purchase on Amazon as it was an in-demand item. Well, in case they go back on sale, then at least you would know what to get for your toy and anatomy-loving friends.

  1. Cat licker and scratcher in one

Most cat lovers love their pets too much that some of them wish they could lick them back and reciprocate their licking without getting all the fur in their tongues. Well, for some reason, this desire is now made possible with the Lick’em Tongue Cat Brush Scratcher. It is a tool you could put in your mouth to allow you to scratch your cat and make it look like you’re licking them. It’s amazing the things people come up with to appease their feline friends.

  1. A life-sized statue of Bigfoot

If you’re a firm believer of creatures from fantasy stories, then getting a life-sized statue of them could work well as your new garden gnomes. Fortunately, a life-sized Bigfoot statue is available for purchase if you want to show off to your neighbors that you believe in Bigfoot while giving them a slight heart attack when they first see it.

  1. Wearable flask

Don’t you ever wish you could go day drinking discreetly in the bus, trains, or virtually anywhere without getting in trouble? Well, a stainless steel flask in the shape of a wearable bangle could be the solution to your alcohol-infused fantasies. It could also be perfect if you want to sneak in some alcohol in music festivals or bars as it looks like an innocent bracelet any fashionista would wear.

  1. Bacon-flavored products

Veganism may be a growing trend, but meat is still a force to reckon with as meat-lovers are still everywhere. Some people can’t get enough of meat, especially bacon, so if you’re one of them, why don’t you get a grooming kit with bacon-flavored products to satiate your meat cravings whenever you want to? The products included in this kit are bacon breath mints, bacon soap, bacon floss, bacon bandages, and a bacon lip balm. The kit also comes with a wristband saying “bacon addict.” The wristband seems to be the cherry on top, as no normal person would be this much into bacon unless they’re bacon addicts.

  1. Astronaut spacesuit replica

If you’re into space sci-fi and you want to relive your favorite moments as an astronaut character, then getting a spacesuit that looks almost exactly like the ones astronauts would wear would be perfect. Now, you can pretend you’re Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, or even Ellen Ripley from the Alien movie franchise whenever you feel like it.

  1. Radioactive Uranium ore

Some products should have a disclaimer that says, “Just because you can buy it online, doesn’t mean you have to,” because some products are not just weird, but they can also be a health hazard. One of the best examples of such products is a radioactive Uranium ore that people can purchase for unknown reasons unless they want to grow an extra arm or glow in the dark.

That’s Enough Internet And Online Shopping For Today

The internet is a strange place to be sometimes. Wait until you hear about the dark webs where things could get weirder. Unfortunately, it’s not a place you can go to if you’re looking for gifts.