ADUs are starting to pop up all around you. They are becoming the new thing. There are a lot of questions people have about them though, including what exactly accessory dwelling unit appliances are?

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What Are ADUs?

Before we jump into what ADU appliances are, we should probably establish what exactly an ADU is. An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is an additional living unit on a single-family lot that is its own independent residence apart from the main home. Essentially, it is a small home built in your backyard or in your garage to add extra housing to your lot.

What Are ADU Appliances?

ADU appliances are compact appliances usually with multiple functionalities that are built to make the most out of the space in an ADU. Think of them as the tiny versions of the appliances in your regular house. A tiny home needs small appliances to go with it.

Kitchen ADU Appliances

There are a plethora of ADU appliances for the kitchen area since it is such a busy place in many people’s homes. Take a minute and think about how many appliances are in your kitchen right now. Then think about how much countertop space you need when cooking or baking. It’s a lot.

That is why there are compact appliances like small fridges, dishwashers, and ovens available for ADU units. There are also dual-function appliances like over-the-range microwaves that act as both vents for your oven and a way to reheat your food!

Dining Room Appliances

Most ADUs don’t have dining rooms. Instead, they just have a kitchen with a kitchen table. However, these tables may not be big enough to support all your guests. Don’t worry though. There are quite a few solutions to this problem.

You can get a drop-down table that is mounted to the wall and only folds down when you need it. You can also get tables with leaves that allow them to become bigger when needed. There are even tables with wheels that can be easily folded up and wheeled up against a wall when not needed.