In the world of software design, mock designers are a unique breed that bridges the gap between user experience and software design, they are responsible for creating designs that match the needs of users, while also looking beautiful, being logically structured, and making logical sense, they are specialists who understand how people interact with visual interfaces and how they can be influenced by visuals to get more done faster. 


You must hire a good mock designer if you want your app to effectively communicate with users and elicit the right kind of feedback, in this post, you’ll learn what a mock designer is and why it’s so important in designing user-friendly software, as well as how you might profit from having one on your team.


What is a Mock Designer?


They are the visual bridge between your ideas and the human experience, and they understand how humans view images and why they respond exactly the way they do, they are the only ones who can translate your words into images that trigger the same feelings in people and they are the only ones who see the same things from a different perspective.


Mock designers are the ones who create wireframes, UI mockups, and user journeys for you, they are responsible for creating visual representations of your product so that you and your team can see how it will work on a day-to-day basis, they are your first line of communication with your users, so it is important to have them on your side.


How Can You Benefit from Having a Mock Designer?


One of the greatest advantages of having a mock designer on your team is that they may assist you in avoiding numerous errors and oversights that are frequent in the design field, if you are designing alone, you may miss out on the advantages and insights of other people’s experiences.


If you’re creating alongside another team member and don’t know their way of thinking and interpreting visuals, you can avoid problems by hiring a fake designer; for example, designing for accessibility and designing for touch – these are two fields where mock designers can help you immensely and by having a mock designer on your team, you may avoid creating for the sake of design and a certain device, such as a smartphone, desktop, tablet, or wearable, with the fake designer’s help.


Should You Hire a Paid Mock Designer or an Intern?


If you recruit an intern who is learning and gaining experience, just like everything else in life, you will get the most from having a mock designer, finding someone ready to labor for no pay or perks is harder as a business expands; while keeping in mind that paying an intern a modest compensation is not a must, employing an intern is still a wise decision, if you have the money, it is preferable to recruit a design-obsessed intern who is eager to work for nothing


Finding the Right Match in Your Team


Make sure the mock designer you choose is accustomed to working on the kind of design you produce- hiring someone skilled in visual design might be challenging; it is simple to employ someone skilled in designing wireframes and UI mockups, while a mock designer can assist with the visual design, you also need someone familiar with and having a team meeting where everyone shares what they anticipate from the design experience is the greatest approach to identifying the ideal match for your team.