What’s Involved in a Car Accident Lawsuit

What’s Involved in a Car Accident Lawsuit

If you are pursuing a car accident claim, you should hire an idaho car accident attorney who will do everything to help you get a fair settlement. But, if both parties cannot agree on a settlement, you can decide to take your case to trial with the help of your attorney. Filing a lawsuit is a lengthy and complicated procedure but your attorney can ease the process for you because they have gone through it many times before. Keep reading to know what to expect when you file a car accident lawsuit:

The Discovery Phase

In a car accident lawsuit, one of the important stages you will have to deal with is the discovery phase. This is when you and the other party will gather and share information regarding your before it goes to trial. This phase is meant to make sure the trial goes without interruptions, with every party possessing the information necessary to present their case. 

In the discovery phase, you will have to answer questions on your claim and share information regarding your accident. This stage will give you the chance to get essential information from the other party. 

Kinds of Questions You May be Asked

A part of the discovery phase is called interrogatories which involve questions sent by a part to another. Every party must answer every question honestly under oath. The questions that can be asked will vary based on the case. But, this may include how the crash took place, where you were heading when the crash occurred, whether or not you have car insurance when the crash happened, the speed at which your car was running, and others. 

Other Important Pieces of Information that Both Parties Will Share

Both parties involved in your accident may also share information in other ways. For example, you could exchange basic contact information and insurance details at the accident scene. Also, you can request copies of work and medical records or exchange reports from expert witnesses. You may not need the interrogatory process to get information like the list of damages incurred, expert witness qualifications, and identify of all people who know information regarding the crash.  Your attorney can prepare a subpoena to gather related documentation for your injury case. 

If you have had a car accident and need legal assistance, you should contact one of the best car accident attorneys in Idaho. The right lawyer will help you recover full and fair compensation. 

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