You would come through thousands of games on the casino websites. Each of these games will have a set of rules, while some of the games will be tedious to play and win. However, there is a set of easy games hidden among these tough games. Slot machine games are those easier games to play and win in bulk in online casinos. You can find a dedicated Agen slot online easily due to the widespread popularity of the game. Some casinos will offer only slot games to the players. There are several varieties of games in the slot category itself. All these games will have the same style of gameplay with slight modifications. If you are about to play these slot games online, you should beware of some vital words to get an understanding of the basic gameplay. In this article, we will go through some of these words and their meanings to help you get started.

Words to beware of before you play online slots

Return to the player – It is a percentage of the amount that a slot player will get back as winnings if he continues to play the same slot game for a long time. If the RTP is 95%, you can confidently play on the same slot machine until you get 95% of your wagered money back. Usually, the RTP of slot machines will range from 93% to 96%. The greater the RTP is the greater would be your benefit. However, you could not expect this return if you keep changing the slot machine.

House edge – It is the opposite of the RTP. Here, the casino house would take a certain portion of the wagered money no matter whether the player wins the game or loses it. If the RTP is 95% in a slot machine, the house edge would be 5%. Players would always look for slot games with a lower house edge.

Coin size – In a physical casino, you would have to buy coins for money to play the slot games. So, the bet amount for a slot game has become coin size.

Loose slot – If you need not pay hefty sums to play a slot game on a machine, you can call it a loose slot. All casinos would have one or two loose slots to attract people. However, your payout will also be less in these slots. As the losses would also be less, several players prefer this slot game.

Jackpot – In a progressive slot game, you will be playing for a winning amount that is not constant. If you take five minutes extra to get the right combination, the prize money would have grown. It is because of the connection between all the slot machines that send a bit of the player’s bet amount to the winning amount of the progressive slot named Jackpot. As the size of the Jackpot will always be huge, the chances of winning it are less.

Fixed Jackpot – It is a fixed winning amount.