If you are a photography enthusiast, you might have possibly used a tripod or monopod at least once for photography. If you have not, you are missing a majestic experience. But if you have used the typical twist of flap lock tripod stand, then you might be thinking that it is all that tripod world has got to offer. 

However, this is not true at all, and there are way more advanced innovations that have been introduced with some exclusive camera accessories tripod designs. Here we will see some fantastic tripod designs and attachments that have enhanced the photography experience.

Pistol Grip Head And Geared Head Tripods Are Here 

In the ball-head tripods, you find the knob that is used to tighten the housing, which is around the ball, and as the grip squeezes, you can fix the camera’s position at the angle. Here in the pistol grip head system, there is a spring-loaded squeeze grip, and while the handle is squeezed, you can easily reposition the camera, and as soon as the grip is released, the position gets fixed. 

The benefit of this head style is the responsiveness or fast repositioning speed, for which it is preferred by sports and wildlife photographers.

The geared head for tripods is a variant of three-way tripod heads, but it has a system of gears controlled through the knobs instead of handles to change the axis. The gears offer precise adjustments in the vertical and horizontal direction to have very fine movement in angles. But you should also know that this gear and knob system reduces its repositioning speed.

Interchangeable Chassis Parts For Different Mounting Options 

Various camera tripods have detachable chassis parts such as replaceable heads, telescoping center column, or lockable legs. If you want to experience professional photography with tripods, then you should choose tripods that have interchangeable chassis parts so that you can attach and detach tripod parts as per convenience.

Choose These Types Of Tripods For Better Stability

If you are looking for a sturdy and stable camera accessories tripod, you need to look out for the following features in the tripod kit.

  • The center column should not be permanently telescoping because it reduces stability. For better stability, the tripod head has to be closest to the chassis or spider part of the stand.
  • Multi-angle leg locks can provide improved stability as you can adjust the angle and mount the tripod at the best stable angle.
  • A reversible center post can be helpful in stable photography instead of a telescoped.
  • Geared heads offer more stable and still shooting.

Tripods For Indoor Photography Have Seen More Advancements

For indoor photography, you can select a tabletop tripod that has several branches. Such tripods allow you to mount a camera or smartphone on one branch and any attachment like an LED light ring on the other. Similarly, other tripods have bendable legs to wrap around any vertical or horizontal object to get unique angles for photography. Everyday photography enthusiasts can use such equipment to bring versatility to their clicks.