Timber is the ultimate option to add character, warmth, and the feeling of luxury to your home. Homeowners usually choose to feature timber in their floorings, wall paneling, and roofs and on the surface of their kitchens. So, homeowners who want to add a subtle statement in their house by featuring timber around their house must prefer installing Timber Palladio Doors and Windows. This will not only help you feature timber around your house but also add interest to your doors. The timber doors are considered the best alternative to the conventional patio and French doors with a visual appeal. It is the best option to create an open plan living as it allows natural lighting and proper ventilation in your rooms.


What are Timber Palladio Doors?

As the name suggests, Timber Palladio Doors are the types of doors folded and stacked easily against the other doors when it is fully opened. These doors are designed specially to suit the size of the opening, and it can open outwards and inwards, depending on the availability of the space. There is a separate locking system for these doors, which provides a higher level of security. For better results and higher efficiency, the bi-fold doors are installed on the tracking system, which gives it better security and support.


Where Can the Timber Palladio Doors  Be Installed?

The Timber Palladio Doors is not just only restricted for residential installation; instead, it can also be installed in commercial establishments. It is mainly used in the areas of your office or home where glass sliding doors are already installed, especially in the wider opening areas. It is installed in the place of sliding glass doors, which double the width of the opening, and hence it lets more airflow in, delivering proper ventilation inside your home. The bi-fold doors are also installed in areas where there is a need for more natural lighting and airflow; this includes the area leading to the deck, patio, and connecting areas to entertaining outdoor space.


Benefits of Installing Timber Palladio Doors

  • Aesthetics – Nothing is more appealing than timber in your house. Whether you install solid timber doors or Timber Palladio Doors, the timber used for the doors would add appeal to your house and enhance the rooms’ aesthetic. The timber’s clear finish allows the beauty of the timber to represent your unique persona and taste. The timber’s natural looks also integrate easily with the home’s nature and give it an added warmth and appeal to the onlookers’ eyes.
  • Better Insulation – Timber is considered the best insulator, thereby saving your energy bills and heating costs. Unlike Aluminum, it prevents transferring heat into the room. The timber’s insulation helps the room stay cooler during summers and warmer during winters, reducing overall energy costs.
  • Longevity – The Timber Palladio Doors are built to last longer compare to other materials. It can sustain structural damages and needs very minimal maintenance than other materials. It also offers higher security and safety when stronger and solid timber is used for the doors.

In some cases, the robust timber bi-fold doors are also installed in the bedroom in the wardrobe that enables the homeowners to access both sides of the wardrobe when folded back and provides better access to the closets. In some cases, these bi-fold doors are also used as a bi-parting opening in between two rooms or opening from one side based on your specific needs.