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Those who love grilling and enjoy smoky deliciousness with their families know how important a good quality grill is along with the importance of rubs and sauces that makes the meat amazingly mouth-watering. BBQs 2u present their new set of Angus & Oink BBQ sauces and rubs for sale.

The bacon honey jalapeno rub is a must-try by all BBQ lovers who want an amazing balance of bacon, heat, and sweetness to their cooked meals. It is a crowd-pleaser and is a must-try for the upcoming festive season while hosting family gatherings. BBQs 2 u have also started with a range of their Kamado Joe merchandise that many people love to flaunt along with their latest purchase of Kamado Joe grills. 

BBQs 2u is a one-stop store for the best quality Napoleon barbeques, pizza ovens, and Kamado Joe grills along with barbeque cooking tools, utensils, smoking accessories, flavorsome rubs and spices, thermometers, and the master built Kamado space that can hold everything together in the backyard. 

Purchasing barbeques and grills can be expensive especially if they are high-quality technologically advanced Kamado Joe and Napoleon grills. This is why people in the UK looking to make their next purchase at the BBQs 2u website should make use of the upcoming MasterBuilt BBQ Black Friday Sale where many products are sold at huge discounts. 

The details of upcoming sales can be checked out from their website and one should be quick at utilizing the sale because their stocks clear out fast. Discounts can also be availed on bundles while purchasing the Kamado Joe grills with other essential accessories. Gifts with Kamado Joe products are often available on their website and are dependent on the availability of stocks. 

While purchasing Kamado Joe UK products like the Big Joe III, customers can easily get a grill cover, 9kg charcoal block, cast iron griddle, and natural firelighters worth $173.8 for free during their checkout. 

Big Joe III has the latest technology of the Kamado Joe grills with a good enough cooking surface that can feed large family gatherings with much ease and without having to let the guests wait for a long time to be served food. Everyone can enjoy delicious smoky meals together at the same serving time. 

The SloRoller insert which is a technology developed at Harvard is used in most of the new models of Kamado Joe grills that helps in better circulation of smoke and heat inside the gill chamber to give the texture of slow-cooked meat while maintaining the juices and moisture. Thus, perfectly cooked food is delivered every single time. 

For those who want to learn more about how this SloRoller smoke chamber technology works in their favorite outdoor grill, they can visit BBQs 2u YouTube channel. There are multiple videos for beginners to learn the fundamentals of grilling and even on installation and user guide of all Kamado Joe products sold by them. 

They also share videos on how to make the best use of Infinity islands to minimize outdoor clutter while using the grills so that you can enjoy cooking with charcoal without having to deal with mess and smoke in the air