Since the PUBG game servers have been down, many people have shifted to another popular game in the market, which is also a battlefield game, and its name is Call of Duty. The game has achieved heights in recent time, and it is attracting more people towards it. The COD is providing top-notch features which can be proved impressive.

In my opinion, the best feature is the cold war aimbotwhich gives players the option to locate their opponents quickly, and one can kill them as the weapons are very much advanced. These features are not available in any other game now. Earlier, PUBG used to give COD a tough competition, but now one is near its competition. Let’s discuss some of its features that are attracting more gamers.

Speedy gameplay

All the gamers want in a game is the game’s excellent performance, and COD provides you with it. One can access all weapons without a lack in the game. The game performance is top class, and gamers are enjoying this feature as all they need is a game that can load speedily and give a smooth experience to gamers, and all of these things a person can get in COD. All the bugs are removed from the games at the special request of players as COD creators completely take customer service care.

Matchmaking with the best players around the globe

Matchmaking can help a person play with the best players around the world, which will come automatically with you, and you can check the playing style of professionals. Moreover, professionals can make it easy to make a win when played in a squad competition. If they liked your gameplay, they might play some tournaments with you, giving you a chance to earn some real cash.

High chances of getting rewards

COD offers many competitions which can give you a chance of getting rewards if the person won. These rewards can be in the form of gaming money, the player’s skin, the skin of cars and weapons and many more prizes. If a person buys all these skins individually, he has to pay a reasonable price. This is an excellent overall deal without paying a single penny.

Latest mini maps

A big map takes around 30 to 35 minutes to finish, but if a person does not have this much time, he can play the newly launched mini-maps, which do not take this much time to finish, and one can efficiently finish it in 15 to 18 minutes. A person can utilize the time and can enjoy it entirely by playing these maps. In addition to this, all these maps consist of a cold war aimbot that can help a person locate the enemies and easily win the game.

Wrap up

To sum up, we can conclude that all these latest features can help a beginner and a professional grow more. Professionals can also maintain their profile, and beginners can learn ways to play which is a fascinating feature.