To make car air conditioner repair, special remedial measures are taken into account, based on the nature of the damage, location, and suitability for repair.

There are basically two methods for car air AC repairs. Radical (can be a complete or partial replacement of damaged part) and palliative:

  • By soldering the perforated parts of the connecting pipes;
  • By flushing areas clogged with debris clots.

After making the necessary repairs, the doorstep car service in Mumbai also carries out a control pressure test of the system with compressed air. If any leakage is not detected, refrigerant is again pumped into the line of the air conditioner.


Diagnosis and refueling is usually a combined process. Diagnosis of the air conditioning system is generally required when there are some evident signs of malfunctions. Detailed diagnostics are generally associated with disassembly, which includes depressurization of the system, in such cases refueling is inevitable.

Necessary equipments:

Online car service in Mumbai starts their diagnostics and repairs with the filling console. This tool comes equipped with two pressure gauges to check the supply and return pressure.

It has two dials with arrow indicators, which display the total pressure difference.

If you want to check the air conditioner condition independently, you can use a tester or multi-scanner for the same purposes. You need to connect them with the system’s contacts under the car’s hood or directly in the opening of the passenger compartment.

It is normal for working pressure in the supply pipe to fluctuate within 5 – 26 atmospheres. In the return pipe, it should be equal to about 4 atmospheres or slightly less.

Nowadays, modern cars’ air conditioning system and its functioning is completely automated. Information received from the sensors include:

  • If there is a need to reduce excessively high pressure from the system;
  • Boost low;
  • If it is required to eliminate the overheating of the nodes.

What’s included in the self repair kit:

  • Adapter for connecting to the car’s air conditioner system;
  • pressure gauge;
  • filling hose;
  • refueling can.

How is filling performed:

The sequence of processes:

  1. Everything starts with assembling the charging kit according to the instructions.
  2. Make a connection using the hose to the low-pressure port of the air conditioner.
  3. Start the car engine at neutral speed and handbrake.
  4. Gradually unscrew the cylinder valve.
  5. Control the wheel and squeeze the accelerator to almost mid-range crankshaft speed. It will help gas quickly disperse through the system. A decrease in temperature will indicate the completion of the pumping process.

Modern cars have replaced the Freon gas with other refrigerants for environmental reasons (Freon used to displace oxygen from the atmosphere). Nowadays, they use R134a gas, which is less fluid and less efficient.

It is also essential to know the optimal pressure in the system, according to the instructions of the air conditioner. For successful completion of the process, it is necessary to use a pressure gauge using a special adapter.

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