Choices You Need for the Best Renovation Package

Choices You Need for the Best Renovation Package

TV shows, print media, many stores dedicated to home improvement, home decoration has jumped into the heart.Literally passionate, they walk the aisles of DIY and decorative signs along, across and across, so as to find the ideas that will allow them to reinvent their interior.

Surfing on this promising and profitable wave, we saw appearing in recent years a new profession: that of coach decoration. The HDB renovation package in Singapore really offers the best deal.

But what is a coach decoration? We already knew interior designers and decorators but the coach decoration is another profession. To know which of these three professionals you should contact, know that it will depend on the changes you want to make at home, whether in apartment, house or villa.

The Interior Designer

A true profession in the strict sense of the term, one becomes an interior architect after a rigorous training given in a handful of schools recognized by the National Federation of the interior architects unions. Not to be confused with an architect (any short), the interior designer can not file a building permit. In other words, it can only attack the interior and not the building itself. However, nothing prevents it from cutting down partitions or creating openings. It can also deal with furniture and decorative elements but it is not systematic. The terms of the contract will in any case be well defined from the outset.

With him, you are protected against unpleasant surprises because the interior designer is covered by biennial and decennial insurance that guarantee you the finality of the work.

The Interior Decorator

No decoration school. The interior designer has generally been trained to practice the profession but initially, it is rather from a school of fine arts. Like the interior designer, the decorator intervenes only on the interior design of the house but in case of works, it is not covered by the biennial and decennial insurance. In general, his thing is rather the decoration itself: changing a floor covering, choosing a new paint for the walls of the living room but also obviously choice of furniture and decorative elements that will eventually to beautify the room.

The Deco Coach

Like the interior decorator, the decorating coach does not come from a specialized school to practice his profession. It is not necessary to have followed a training in decoration to become coach decoration. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get an idea of ​​the coaching skills. Internet is also a track to follow: the website is the showcase of the coach, you can see his work and get a first idea of ​​his experience, understand his solutions: decorating tips, virtual makeover, partial makeover, complete makeover, shopping etc.

The deco coach is a psychologist (many of them are also women in professional reconversion who come from professions that combine psychology and sociology). Indeed, its role is to accompany you in the search for the atmosphere and the interior that resemble you. A deco coach must be able to identify the person for whom he works and help him to express his desires, which is not obvious when one is steeped in programs where the same styles always follow the fashion trends. The decor coach must know for example forgets the contemporary style when it turns out that the owner of the place can flourish in the rustic. Nothing is imposed, everything is suggested, proposed and it is ultimately the owner who has of course the last word.

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