Home sweet home. Where the best of people spend a third of their lives, and sometimes more if they’re lucky. A place to call yours, a place where you can be who you want to be and not worry about what other people think. Home is where the heart is, they say; and while it might not be true for everyone, most people would agree that their home has at least one thing that’s special to them.

It might be the furniture or maybe even the design. For some people, it could be as simple as having a bed in which they can curl up and feel safe.

A cat’s bed is an important part of their home because of how it helps them relax and get comfortable in their own space. In this article, you’ll learn different tips on what to look for when choosing cat beds for your fur baby!

Style and Size

The first thing to consider when buying designer cat beds is the size and style. Is it just for lounging, or do you want to be able to bring it with you? If you want something that can go wherever your kitty goes, get a carrier for transport.

If your furry friend likes to stretch out and lounge around, get them a medium-sized bed that they can curl up in. If they’re a little more adventurous and like to sleep on the go (or take naps), get them a small bed that they can toss into their carrier bag.

Make sure that the bed is of similar quality as the rest of your furniture; if not, it might end up being an eyesore in your home! Here are some other things to look out for when choosing cat beds:

•             Colors: pick one that matches or complements the other furnishings in their space.

•             Type: there are lots of different options available – from hammocks and caves to tents and beds. Make sure that it suits your lifestyle and your feline friend’s preferences!

What Your Cat Wants In A Bed

Your cat’s home is their castle and it should be a place where they can feel safe and respected. This means that the bed you get your cat should make them feel this way too! Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your cat’s new bed:

First, your cat will like a bed with plenty of space for them to move around in, so think about how big or small the bed is. If you have more than one cat, find beds that are large enough for both of them.

Also, your cat will want a soft pad so if you can’t find a soft pad, consider getting an old shirt and cutting it up into strips to put on top of the hard pad (this also helps with shedding!).

Make sure your cat doesn’t have any allergies to any material used in the bed before buying it. Lastly, the length and width of the bed matter because cats like to stretch out. They want to be able to sleep in one direction and then wake up in another!