Effective guide to beginners on how to play poker games

Effective guide to beginners on how to play poker games

Poker is a family of card games that include strategy, gambling, and different skills. Though it has been so-called for a hundred years, yet its growth in popularity has never been as rapid as in recent years. ‘It is not necessary to play the games in the clubs; you can play the game in homes. The charm part of this game is that it is so easy to learn and play enjoyably. This game is played offline as well as online, you can access the online game from websites like joker123.

For Beginners: How to learn poker

While this game is played in innumerable forms, it is mandatory to know the basics of the game and that is written below.

The value of the poker card sequence i.e.In which forms the card is arranged.

Where to use the strategy during the game.

The Limit of betting in poker.

A player who understands the basic principle of this game he/she will not get difficulties in playing any type of poker game.

The objective of the game

In poker, players are selfish they play for themselves in fact, the partnership is strictly forbidden by the law of the game. The main target for each player is to win the pot. The pot is the addition of all the bets made by the individual player in any one deal of the game.Every chip a player puts in the pot means he bets what he has at that instance mostly they bet money or will have the best poker hand around the table. After that betting is over, the hand is shown (called the showdown) and the best poker will win the pot that is the money.

Basic poker hand ranking

Before going to play the game, it is mandatory to every player of the poker to know the basics of poker and ranking of the poker

  • Straight flush (all the same suit in any sequence, for instance, 9-8-7-6-5)
  • Royal flush(All the same suit, sequence A-K-Q-J-T)
  • Four of a kind(All same suit that is A-A-A-A)
  • Flush(All the same suit)
  • Full house
  • Straight(A basics sequence such as 6-5-4-3-2)
  • Three of a kind(Three cards that have the same value such as 9-9-9,6-6-6etc)
  • Two pair (Two pairs of cards such as 5-5, 8-8, etc.)
  • Pair(Any pair whether it is an A-A or 2-2)
  • High card(Whatever your high card will be in the game)


As has been mentioned above for playing the game one should master the basics of the game and relative values of the poker card. In poker one hopes to hold the high- ranking hand than anyone else and one bet on his hand if he thinks it is the best for him or throws it away if he thinks someone else has him beaten in the game. To adopt a winning strategy, one has to play the game more often as well as devoting so much attention to analyzing your previous hands to detect and fix the leaks. You can access and play the game from websites like joker123.

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