Eyeshadows are necessary in any makeup look. Eyeshadow (อาย แช โด ว์ , which is the term in Thai) are colorful cosmetics which are used to enhance the beauty of eyes.

It is a paint someone applies to their eyes to make them look beautiful. You can make your eyes funky with the help of colorful eyeshades.

History and evolution of Eyeshadow:

The first eyeshade invented in ancient Egypt. They used to call that Kohl which was made of lead, copper, and burnt almonds. That was a black pigmented color to enhance the beauty of eyes.

Only royal families used this Kohl. After that there were lots of inventions made and, now you can use as many colors as you want in eyeshades.

IN 1920s:

Women loved to apply dark shades in this era.

IN 1960s:

Ladies loved to enjoy funky colors in this era.

IN 1980s:

In this era, glittery eyeshadows were trending everywhere.

IN 1990s:

Natural eye makeup was considered fashion in this era.

In 2000s till now:

In this era, people wisely used eyeshadows to enhance the beauty of eyes. People like natural-looking eye makeup nowadays.

Types Of Eyeshadows:

There are many types of eyeshadows you can find according to your choice:

Powder eyeshadow:

This is most commonly available eyeshadow. It is quite affordable that’s why people prefer to buy powder eyeshadows.

These types of shades includes matte, shimmery and satin.

Cream eyeshadows:

These shades are long-lasting and easy to apply because of its creamy texture.

Liquid eyeshadows:

These are like lip-gloss. Liquid eyeshadows are easy to use especially for beginners. They can easily apply and blend them.

crayon/stick eyeshadows:

These types of eyeshadows can last up to many hours and are very easy to apply if you are a beginner.

Eyeshadows are the essential ingredients for any makeup box because makeup is incomplete without an eyeshadow.