The normal photo booth doesn’t provide you more depth or more coverage and therefore is restricted to merely a few people but a 360 CAMERA BOOTH has no restrictions by limited visual field and you can take vivid pictures from a bigger angle which will help you to gain more coverage. Clicking pictures and making short videos are entertaining and getting to do these things at an event can be very enthusiastic. The 360 CAMERA BOOTH is very portable and convenient as you can attach it with GoPro, DSLR camera, or phone and can click pictures without worrying. It provides you with great coverage and you can click pictures without needing to manage any settings.

360 CAMERA BOOTH can be used for all and every occasion to grab people’s attention and to let people enjoy it. Photos clicked by it are very incredible and you can post them on social media platforms to get lots of attention. Also, the 360 CAMERA BOOTH will let you go live on Instagram, Facebook and other applications to share your enthusiasm with others.

Let’s understand about exciting features of 360 CAMERA BOOTH:


  • 360 CAMERA BOOTH has a wide-angle to get maximum coverage for your pictures. These pictures are becoming incredibly important in today’s booming social media platform. Nowadays people are more engaged on social media to share their photos and get likes and comments from other users. Using 360 CAMERA BOOTH and clicking pictures on it with good rotation and coverage will help you to enhance the quality of the picture.
  • It Is easy to operate and is very convenient as it is designed to be highly intuitive so that almost anyone can learn in a short duration. Photography sessions will become smoother and quicker because of the 360 CAMERA BOOTH as it is automatic and easy to use.
  • Using 360 CAMERA BOOTH will let more and more people be in the picture. The camera can get adjustable and the angle can be rotated around everyone so that everyone can be shot. It becomes very interesting to get good coverage and click with the moving camera.
  • A 360-degree camera will let you have a look at the entire room as it is very adjustable and helps you to have big coverage. Nobody will be missed and everyone will be shot in the picture with the help of 360 CAMERA BOOTH.
  • The photos shot by a 360-degree camera will be of absolutely decent quality and you can also adjust the lighting and move the camera and the handle as you want. It’s very lenient to operate and has vast optimisation options to change the settings as per your choice.
  • Due to the 360 CAMERA BOOTH, it has become easier to take pictures of huge families and teams. Now everyone doesn’t need to sit down in chairs and wait for their turn to get in short. Due to the 360 CAMERA BOOTH, it has become easy to stand in front of the camera and get yourself shot with your best angle.

These are the best features of using 360 CAMERA BOOTH.