A lot of HOA boards are wondering if they need the services of a management company. In general, smaller communities that have few homeowners can manage the HOA with the help of volunteers. But, bigger planned development communities may need more help. 

Reputable Phoenix hoa management companies know the time and energy put in to properly manage an association.  From making decisions every day to responding to late-night emergency calls and managing HOA finances, they have the right people to cover it all. Below are some signs that should tell you it’s time to hire a management company for your HOA:

You Don’t Have Many Volunteers

If you live within an HOA, you have more responsibilities than just paying your monthly HOA dues. And even if you don’t take part in volunteering, you will have to perform simple tasks such as voting within your community. Without enough volunteers, it won’t be possible to manage your community properly. An HOA manager is the right option if your HOA lacks volunteers. They can handle all management tasks for your HOA.

You Have Volunteers but They Don’t Have the Right Skills

Although it is great to see residents showing interest in volunteering in your association, some of them might not possess the right skills. Although volunteers can serve in a lot of places within the association, areas such as financial and legal should be handled by individuals who have the right skillset. HOA managers make sure the tasks are performed properly and legally. 

You Want to Improve Community Involvement

As with other communities, getting residents involved can be quite challenging. Volunteers may not be convincing enough to arouse the interest of residents to join in community events and offerings. But, a professional HOA manager has ways to make this happen. They keep everyone informed about updates, changes, and events using their excellent communication skills and different channels. They believe that the involvement of every community member is the key to fostering unity within it. 

Your HOA is Handling Different Things

Aside from managing townhomes, residential homes, and condos within your community, your association should also manage amenities such as parks, clubhouses, property maintenance, walking trails, and events. For volunteers, this is something they may not be able to handle on top of their personal responsibilities. A lot of details such as maintenance, insurance, and safety should be given quality attention. And only an expert HOA manager can accomplish this.