Four Vital Evidence that Can Prove Liability in a Car Accident

Four Vital Evidence that Can Prove Liability in a Car Accident

In any auto accident claim, liability is a major issue that parties involved should tackle. Accident victims and their lawyers who are looking to get compensation must prove the liability of the other driver. The lawyer must gather important evidence that proves the fault of the other party involved in the accident. If you are one of these victims, it is important to have a skilled jefferson city mo car accident attorney who has done this in the past and knows the essential evidence to gather to make your claim stronger. Your attorney will collect the following important evidence:

Police Report

Whether it is a state requirement or not, you need to inform the authorities about the car crash. The police can block traffic to help in preventing further injuries or damage to property. Also, they can make a police report that contains important information regarding the accident. The police report may state who the office believed caused the accident, any traffic citations issued, witness statements, and where and when the accident occurred. 

Witness Accounts

The statements of witnesses that coincide with your version of events can be essential in proving liability. Your attorney will look for witnesses who may have seen what the at-fault driver was doing before the accident occurred like driving aggressively or texting while driving. Usually, eyewitnesses see things you may not be able to see.

Your attorney will usually get in touch with these witnesses days after your accident or once you hire them. That is why it can help to get information from these witnesses while you are still at the accident scene. try to record a video of witnesses making statements with their permission. Ensure you ask for their names and contact information.

Traffic Camera

Although a police report and eyewitness statement may offer narratives from objective parties, insurance companies may still dispute the parties’ objectiveness. Thus, additional video evidence can be another crucial support to your claim. Video recording from nearby cameras, dashcams, and traffic cameras can be useful evidence. But, because of the legal red tag in getting video footage, you must have a lawyer to represent you because they can handle this task properly. 

Opinions from Expert s

If liability is hard to determine in your case, the services of an accident reconstruction expert may be useful. The expert can reconstruct the accident scene using their knowledge in engineering and physics to prove the at-fault driver caused the crash that led to your injuries. 

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