Get your part time diploma in Singapore: one of the best educational system!

Get your part time diploma in Singapore: one of the best educational system!

Want to get your part time diploma in Singapore? Indeed, Singapore has the potential. No other Asian countries have done it so well than Singapore: globalization in the education. Even western and European countries can come into a fair competition. Teachers are the best and most outstanding, and have developed highly successful pedagogical approaches to the teaching of science, mathematics, engineering and technology (STEM). Culturally, Singaporeans are strongly committed to educational success and there is a national focus on educational excellence.

So what is Singapore doing right and what can other countries do to reproduce it?

Explore education in Singapore

Administered by the Ministry of Education, education in Singapore is highly rated compared to other nations around the world, making it an ideal destination for foreign students interested in a study abroad experience. Another attractive factor is that English is the main language of education, making it an easily accessible and popular option for students from all over the world. Often scoring high marks in international classifications, there is no denying that students can get a great education in Singapore.

Singapore has six autonomous universities that receive government funding and support through the Ministry of Education. With increasing popularity, this number is expected to grow. That said, many foreign universities have also established satellite campuses that provide university education for both local and international students

Education system: know more about it

Want to learn about how the higher education system in Singapore works? Singapore is a popular destination for a variety of students, due to its diverse programs, its exciting location and its culture and history. Freely based on the UK’s education system, Singapore is known for its globally recognized quality of education. Get to know more regarding the education system and its process!

Admission for Universities in Singapore is easy

Due to the unique educational system, the application process and deadlines vary according to the candidate’s qualifications. Students wishing to obtain their diploma in Singapore should be aware that the application procedure and requirements are different, depending on the type of diploma (part time or full time/technical or non-technical/subject). Although, for applicants in the diploma program, it is less complicated. Applicants only need to have a bachelor’s degree that passes the required grade, or an equivalent degree in the subject or related fields. You can apply for a diploma even after your master’s degree.


Most Singapore diploma, bachelor’s and master’s programs are taught in English, so native English speakers must also prepare an English proficiency certificate as evidence of their English proficiency. Generally, all universities accept certificates issued by the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Other certificates may be acceptable depending on the university.

English, Tamil (Indian), Malay and Mandarin: these are the official languages in Singapore. Singaporeans are generally multilingual. In fact, English is the official and commonly used language. So, if you are looking forward to give your educational career a boost, Singapore is the best place for you.

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