Evolution in the industry of video games is astonishing. We all know those simple games with 2D interface and how they evolved to the latest action games with 3D interface and an online interaction with players from all over the world. There has been a lot of changes and games have become tougher with passage of time. When these were simple, even then a lot of cheats were introduced to make the gameplay simple for some people. These cheats are of two types. One type is in built in the game and developed includes them and releases them after some time to make the game popular again. And the second type is developed by different people who crack the game and then include them in the package to increase the fun.


Why developers add cheat codes?

There are a number of reasons why developers are interested in adding the cheat codes in a game. Usually the video games are long series of episodes and in order to make it fun for everybody, they add the hacks and let people reach the same level after years of release. This is a strategy to earn more profits and this is how gaming industry has reached to a billion industry. Games are now online and a number of progress stages have to be completed by a player to reach the top leaderboards. In order to facilitate the newbies, these codes are a helping hand.


What form cheat codes take?

Cheat codes are usually passwords or simple phrases which once typed unlocks the higher ranks in the game. Games which are not progress based will introduce more assets in the game. Sometimes hardware and software devices are also introduced in the market to facilitate the gameplay of high end games. This is another way to incorporate the cheats.


The famous game of current era: PUBG

Right now, the most famous game is PUBG, with millions of copies sold till date. This game has strike the market since its release and people have gone crazy. A lot of cheats are available for this game as well but because of the online platform, most of the cheats are legit. It is fun to learn these tricks and play the game at upper hand as compared to other players. Let us discuss the most famous pubg hack here.


Wall hack mods:

This is one of the extremely renowned hack for this game. This hack allows you to see the enemies and assets through the wall. This is a dream of most players to see through the wall and normally it is not possible in other games but you can do so in PUBG by simply installing the crack code. With this hack you can survive for a longer time as you will be able to see your enemies easily and can kill them without they know that you are present nearby. PUBG has made a lot of efforts to decrease the usage of this hack by incorporating many strategies but still you can use this hack to better perform in the game.