Following an unfortunate car accident, or a case of medical practice, you may feel overwhelmed and shocked. If you suffered negligence because of the other party that owed a duty of car, you can file a personal injury lawsuit, as California is an at-fault state. For that, hiring one of Orange County personal injury lawyers can be extremely useful. When you meet an attorney for the first time, below are some important things to discuss. 

‘What exactly happened?’

You probably know that California follows the “pure comparative negligence” rule. This means that if you had part role in the accident, your awarded compensation will reduce by percentage of your fault. Your personal injury lawyer would want to know what had happened, so make sure that you share all relevant details, even if you have part role or share in fault. Your attorney will build the case accordingly. If you had the major share of fault, the lawyer will work on defense, but otherwise, the lawyer is responsible for maximizing your financial compensation. 

An assessment of the case

Once your lawyer has checked all evidence and papers you may have, they will offer a fair assessment of the case. Just because you are expecting a huge financial settlement, it doesn’t always mean your case will hold. You need to talk to an attorney, who will guide on things like merits and demerits of the case and what you can realistically expect in settlement. Make sure to get an overview of your rights and options. Also, if you would to avoid trial at all costs, let your lawyer know. 

Costs and expenses

If a personal injury lawyer agrees to take your case, do ask them if they can work on a contingency basis. This kind of arrangement ensures that you don’t have the pay the lawyer upfront. If the lawyer wins, they will take a part of the settlement, usually not more than 40% of the final amount. Remember that there could be other costs related to such cases, such as investigation expenses. Ask the injury lawyer if they can advance these costs on your behalf. You can always repay them when you win. 

Final word

Consider talking to an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. The statute of limitations in California only allows two years to file personal injury lawsuits, counting from date of accident. Let an attorney take things further, so that you recover your damages.