Phallosan Forte has been rated as the most effective and top-rated male enhancement product on the market. The revolutionary double retractable penile extender system offers high quality, lasting results and a comfortable support that few competitors in this field can match.

It does not matter if you are looking for the most realistic enhancement results possible or a quick and easy solution to add an inch to your length and girth in a very short time frame, Phallosan Forte can give you both. But, as with any other penis extender, there are some good and bad things that you should know about before you purchase.

The biggest problem that many men have with penile lengthening solutions is that they tend to focus only on one aspect of penis extenders. They usually either work on increasing the thickness of the penis or on improving the girth. While both of these aspects are important, they are not the main goal. And, although both of them are critical to getting maximum results, they can be accomplished by using a penis extender that focuses exclusively on one area.

The majority of the penis extenders on the market will work to increase both the thickness and the girth of the penis. They will be able to do so because they are designed to follow the natural growth pattern of the man’s penis. The more comfortable a penis extender is, the longer and thicker it can grow, so it only makes sense that the better-quality extenders would also be able to provide the best comfort to the wearer. The top two manufacturers in this field are the Foreplay Fidelity product line and the Lifecell Performer model.

Although you may think that a penis extender with a comfort strap is an extreme improvement over a penis extender that just has a strap, the truth is that there are many differences between these two devices. First of all, the strap is only meant to comfort the wearer. When a penis extender is worn, it is actually pressing against the body. This pressure creates micro-tears in the skin, which increase the chance of traction injury. With a penis extender that includes a comfortable strap, the chances of any trauma are almost non-existent.

Next, even though the penis extender that is worn is pressing against the body, it is still being used. This means that the more comfortable it is, the better the results from enlargement will be. High-quality devices use medical-grade silicone that has been specifically chosen for its extreme comfort. So not only is the penis extender comfortable, it is also safe and effective. If you have any doubts as to whether a penis extender is truly high-quality, just look at the reputation of the manufacturer.

Finally, penis extenders that have a comfortable strap also provide enhanced circulation. This improvement in circulation will allow for a higher amount of blood flow to the penis as well as more muscle tension. This increased muscle tension will cause your penis to naturally grow bigger in six months time.

This means that the extender you use will continue to work even after six months. This is very important because you don’t want to have to deal with any possible wear and tear or any other issues. A quality penis extender will last for about one year if used daily for six months at a time.