How to Construct a hip hop beats playlist that’s Both Fun and Effective

How to Construct a hip hop beats playlist that’s Both Fun and Effective

‍When you hear the word “hip hop” it probably conjures up images of break dancing, turntables, and ecstasy. It’s a genre of music that’s has its share of craziness and controversy – but it’s also very grounded in reality. It deals with real issues such as money, girls, and going to the club. The result is a genre of music that can be fun and upbeat or dark and gritty. 


When you combine all these elements into one genre of music called “hip hop,” you get one heckuva playlist! The best hip hop songs are both fun and effective – they have energy levels that are constant throughout but are also varied enough to keep an audience interested from start to finish. A hip hop playlist can be simple or complex – it doesn’t matter because what makes a good hip hop song is how well it fits your venue, your event, and your crowd. So here are 5 tips on how to construct a hip hop beats playlist that’s both fun and effective:


Don’t be afraid to have fun with it


A hip hop beats isn’t just about having a good time. These are serious music genres and genres that deal with serious issues, like R&B and rock, can often sound monotonous because the performers are stuck in a rhythm that’s been pre-defined for them by the record label. But in a hip hop song, the performers are always having as much fun as the listeners! You can therefore expect anthemic Latin-influenced house tracks, fun tropical house, electro house, and more.


Define the focus of your playlist and your event


Hip hop is often associated with parties and clubs, but you should always keep your event focused on the music. If you have a rock concert or a country and western show, your hip hop playlist will have a very different feel. If you have a raucous house party, you’ll want a very diverse selection of tracks to keep your guests interested from start to finish.


Motivate your audience with a variety of different styles


Staying on the subject of different styles, remember to include a variety of different styles in your playlist. You don’t have to limit yourself to just hip hop or just house; you can mix and match styles to suit the mood of your event. Let’s say you have a summer BBQ and you want tunes that are both summery and outgoing, you could have a hip hop party playlist, a summer/ambient mix, or an easy happy hour playlist.


Keep it moving – use rap and rock beats as well as breaks and drum ‘n’ bass


When you’re creating a hip hop beats playlist, it’s a good idea to use different genres at different times so that your audience doesn’t get bored and leave. This is particularly important with a rap beat as the audience is likely to stop listening if the music stops moving. A rock or country beat can be switched off and on at any time, but to keep a rap beat interesting, play it for about 30 seconds then switch it off.


Wrapping up


Hip hop has a lot of different elements that go into making a great playlist, but the most important is how well each track fits your event, your crowd, and your venue. Using these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a hip hop beats playlist that’s both fun and effective.

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