Hypnotherapy and hypnosis have their roots in ancient times. Hypnotherapy is considered to be the process of guiding a person into a trance by a trained psychotherapist. It can be considered as focussed attention that would enhance the state of awareness.the things that go round the person are blocked out or temporarily ignored. Hypnotherapy can be considered as the best technique for dealing with a number of issues.

How can hypnotherapy be used?

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a number of problems. It includes

  • Treating anxiety
  • Treating Irritable Bowel syndrome
  • To deal with chronic pain
  • To deal with constipation
  • Treating phobias
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Help in dealing with sleep disorders
  • Communication issues
  • Dealing with relationship issues
  • To treat people with low self-esteem
  • To avoid binging on food to lose weight
  • To overcome the fear of public speaking
  • To treat social anxiety and exam anxiety
  • To get to know about the unconscious triggers and get rid of them
  • Handling procrastination
  • Reduce substance abuse which includes tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.

and much more.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy- what is the difference?

 It is common to think that hypnosis and Hypnotherapy refer to the same thing. But, the fact is that it is different. Hypnosis is actually the state of mind or a tool used for hypnotherapy while hypnotherapy is the therapeutic modality for which hypnosis or the state of being in trance is introduced. Hypnotherapy has to be done only by a qualified therapist.

Hypnosis refers to the state of

  • Relaxation
  • Hyperfocus and concentration
  • Increasing the suggestibility

 Hypnotherapy and how it works

Hypnotherapy is a sort of reprogramming. It reprograms the subconscious. The subconscious mind is very powerful than the conscious mind. Hypnosis makes it possible for the mind and body of the person subjected to the therapy to have a higher level of learning. it can be considered as a ripe time to make susceptible suggestions with the aim of fostering self-improvement as well as behavior modification as the case may be.

Hypnotherapy process

 The hypnotherapy process typically includes three processes. They are

  • Hypnotic induction
  • Hypnotic suggestion
  • Hypnotic state

Hypnotic induction-This is referred to as the process of preparing for the hypnotherapy session. Hypnotic induction generally includes being seated in the chair with the eyes closed.it also includes controlled breathing techniques or a script to relax as well as focus.  It is also possible to follow a memorized script, a recording. However, a professional therapist is who you should turn to for expected results.

 Hypnotic state- it is the mentally and physically relaxed state yet it is a state of heightened awareness.

Hypnotic suggestion– When the patient is at a heightened state of awareness is when the hypnotic suggestions have to be given. the suggestions must be designed to either replace or update the subconscious thoughts in a positive manner.  The way the suggestions are made is also different. Direct commands are used in the case of traditional hypnosis while the Eriksonian hypnosis uses metaphors. Neuro-linguistic programming use suggestions that mimic the thought patterns.

Hypnotherapy has made it possible for accessing the unconscious thoughts and provide positive information for transformation.