There is no doubt that healthcare has come a long way in the past few decades. Along with advancements in technology and medical treatments, there has been greater recognition of the importance of patient-centered care. Patients are no longer seen as passive recipients of healthcare, but active partners in their own care. One organization that has been paving the way in patient-centered care is Intermountain Homecare and Hospice. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Intermountain Homecare and Hospice  has been providing quality care to patients and their families for over 40 years.

What is Intermountain Homecare and Hospice?

Intermountain Homecare and Hospice is a division of Intermountain Healthcare, a non-profit healthcare system that serves patients across Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. Intermountain Homecare and Hospice provides a range of home-based services, including hospice care, home health, and palliative care. Their goal is to help patients maintain their independence and quality of life while receiving care in the comfort of their own homes.

The Importance of Patient-Centered Care

Intermountain Homecare and Hospice is committed to a patient-centered approach to care. This means that they prioritize the needs, preferences, and values of their patients and families. Patients are involved in all aspects of their care, from setting goals to making decisions about treatment options. Intermountain Homecare and Hospice also provides support for caregivers and family members, who play a crucial role in the care and well-being of the patient.

Innovative Programs and Services

Intermountain Homecare and Hospice is known for its innovative programs and services. One such program is their Telehealth Hospice program, which allows patients to monitor their symptoms and communicate with their care team using technology such as tablets and smartphones. This can reduce the need for unnecessary hospital visits and improve the patient’s quality of life. Intermountain Homecare and Hospice also offers an integrated approach to care, working closely with other healthcare providers to ensure that patients receive coordinated and comprehensive care.

Compassionate Caregivers

One of the things that sets Intermountain Homecare and Hospice apart is the compassionate and dedicated caregivers who provide care to patients and families. These caregivers are specially trained to provide end-of-life care, including pain management and emotional support. They also provide practical support, such as assistance with daily activities and household tasks. Caregivers at Intermountain Homecare and Hospice are committed to treating patients and families with dignity, respect, and empathy.

Making a Difference in the Community

Intermountain Homecare and Hospice has made a significant impact in the communities they serve. In addition to providing quality care to patients and families, they also offer education and resources to help community members better understand end-of-life care and palliative care. They also partner with other organizations to improve access to healthcare for vulnerable populations, such as those with low income, chronic illnesses, or disabilities.

When it comes to healthcare, we often think of large hospitals, flashy technology, and complicated procedures. But sometimes the most impactful moments in healthcare happen in the comfort of our own homes, with the help of compassionate professionals who prioritize the individual needs of patients. That’s where Intermountain Homecare and Hospice comes in – a team of experts who prioritize patient-centered care above all else.

Intermountain Homecare and Hospice was founded in 1977 in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a mission to provide high-quality care for individuals in their own homes. Since then, the organization has grown to offer services in over 40 locations across Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. While the size and scope of the organization have grown over the years, the focus on patient-centered care has remained at the core of everything they do.

So what exactly does patient-centered care mean? At its core, it means putting the individual needs of the patient first. This might include tailoring treatment plans to fit the specific goals and preferences of each patient, involving family members and loved ones in decision-making, and treating the patient as a whole person with unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

One way that Intermountain Homecare and Hospice achieves this level of patient-centered care is by providing a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work together to support the patient’s needs. This might include doctors and nurses, but also social workers, spiritual counselors, therapists, and more. By bringing together a diverse range of experts, the team can address the various needs and concerns of each patient.

Another key aspect of Intermountain Homecare and Hospice’s patient-centered care is their focus on education and communication. Patients and their families are given the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about their care, with an emphasis on open and honest communication. This includes regular check-ins with the patient and family members, as well as opportunities for feedback and ongoing support.

Perhaps most importantly, Intermountain Homecare and Hospice emphasizes the importance of preserving dignity and quality of life for their patients. This might mean approaching end-of-life care with compassion and sensitivity, with a focus on reducing pain and discomfort and ensuring that the patient is comfortable and supported throughout the process.


Intermountain Homecare and Hospice is a pioneer in patient-centered care. They are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care to patients and their families in the comfort of their own homes. With innovative programs and services, dedicated caregivers, and a focus on community partnerships, Intermountain Homecare and Hospice is making a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve. If you or a loved one are in need of home-based healthcare services, consider reaching out to Intermountain Homecare and Hospice.

At Intermountain Homecare and Hospice, patient-centered care isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. By prioritizing the unique needs and concerns of each patient, and bringing together a diverse team of experts to support those needs, the organization is able to provide some of the most compassionate and effective care in the industry. Whether you or a loved one are facing a serious illness, or simply need support in managing a chronic condition, Intermountain Homecare and Hospice is there to help – every step of the way.